Blue Planet Balance Surfer | Multi-use balance board for Standing Desk, Workouts and More!

Aloha! It’s Robert with Blue Planet Surf.
Here on our YouTube channel we’ve been posting new videos every week. We have
over 400 videos online now and we hope that you get something out of it. So if
you enjoy the videos, if you get a lot of value from them, we would appreciate your support. We have a Kickstarter campaign that we’re launching on Tuesday, July
16th, coming up soon, for a really cool new product: our Balance Surfer balance
board, that we’re shipping anywhere in the world and it’s really cool because
you can use it in an office at a standing desk or also as an exercise
tool for balancing. So check out the pitch video and check out the link down
below to our Kickstarter campaign and please support us. Thank you, Aloha. Hi it’s Robert with Blue Planet Surf in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m excited
and proud to announce our third crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for
the Balance Surfer, which is a multi-purpose balance board that we’ve
been developing over several years. Some of the unique features of our
patent-pending balance Surfer design are that it’s a multi-purpose board.
Unlike other boards, you can have a two dimensional office mode that makes it
easy to balance and a three-dimensional challenging workout mode where you can
balance in all directions plus you can rotate the board. Another cool feature is
the wide skateboard type of deck with the kicked up nose and tail that gives
you a nice, grippy surface for a balance workouts. A couple of years ago, I was
suffering a lot of back pain, basically the result of sitting in front of a
laptop, looking down at phones, sitting in my car, sitting on airplanes, I ended up
having constant back pains even though I was training a lot. I was training for
the Molokai race, but my back was always tight and sore. So my chiropractor
recommended that I get a monitor for my laptop that’s at eye level and then I
realized if I can mount it on a moving arm, I can also use it as a standing
desk. I found the rocker board to be a perfect
application for the standing desk, because it forces you to keep your
weight centered and balanced you can have a nice wide stance and fully
focus on your work, while having good posture and keeping your weight centered.
The plastic balance module can easily be installed without any tools. You just
push it in, it has a tight fit, and it can also be rotated by 90 degrees. This
curve is a little bit less curved, and this one is more curved. So on this side it
is more challenging thank in this direction. So you can have more of a front to back
workout, or a more side-to-side workout. So thanks for checking out our
campaign. We have lots more information down below if you if you want more
specifics and details. We really appreciate our backers from our last two campaigns. A lot of them are still really stoked about their inflatable boards and their
paddles that they got on our first two Kickstarter campaigns and we hope you can
back this one as well. We’re really serious about customer service and
making sure our customers are happy. Just check out our reviews online. So thanks
for watching, take care, Aloha!

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  1. Looks great. Project isn't live on kickstarter yet. I got back pain as well so i'm looking forward to funding it.

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