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Hey guys it’s Mick Slattery from
Surefire Boards Australia; I just wanted to have a quick chat about the volume of
your board. I’m a hundred kilos & I’m 6’4″ and I was riding boards around 7’11” & 8’0″ Boards around 102 litres, which was fine for glassy conditions but generally you have howling Nor’easters in summer here in Australia
on the East Coast and it’s always choppy conditions and especially competing I
was just finding it too hard and also on one of my favourite reef breaks there’s
a lot of water moving around all the time and after an hour or so I was
just too tired to keep surfing. So this is a new 8’11” I shaped, so 11″ longer than my usual board, same
width, same thickness which is 29″ by 4″ and comes in at 116 litres.
I was just surfing this howling onshore northeast wind swell here and I had no trouble because this boards super light, and because it weighs 4.3kg (9.5lbs) I had no trouble throwing the board around. So it has just opened up paddle boarding for me again. I was finding if the conditions were sub-standard or on shore I was finding I would just grab a longboard or my surfboard or something like that and I
wasn’t paddle boarding but a lot of the competitions we have here in Australia
it’s always windy conditions so it’s good to practice in those conditions; and I just had a lot of fun out here on this board. So all I’m saying is
you don’t have to keep doing this race to the bottom;
just ride something you’re comfortable on that allows you to get out
there and get amongst it in any conditions Catch Ya

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  1. Awesome, glad to hear your story as I am having the same problem as you. I am 6'3" 215lbs (98 kilo) and also struggle on my small SUP boards in windy, bumpy and big ocean swells here on the Northshore of Oahu.

    In rather glassy conditions I can manage a 7'8" x 25 x 85L which sinks me to my thighs when stationary, but when the conditions get more windy I cant manage this board or my 7'10" x 26 x 95L. My big board is a 8'3" x 26 x 105L rawson and its still a little tipsy but I don't want to sacrifice too much performance by going any bigger. I enjoy your vids bro keep up the good work!

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