Boating Carbon Monoxide Danger

“Talking about the hazards of carbon monoxide – recreational aspects – and here we’re on a boat and it’s a pretty
typical set up what we have here. The engine’s in the rear, generator below
the hatch, everything separated from the living
compartment by a solid bulkhead. Now, you’d think that’s fairly safe and in most cases it is but you have to remember that when
you’re sitting out in a cove, you’re parked, the wind is blowing you have big flat surfaces on the back of this boat that are creating air eddies that can bring the exhaust gases from
these engines and this generator back into the living quarters. This
window is a perfect example-which is a a exit and entrance to this particular boat – and you can see there is actually the sleeping quarters just inside this area. We’re talking
about a space of eight feet between the carbon monoxide producing engines and generator and a sleeping quarters. If this door is left open and the wind
conditions are right the exhaust can be drawn up into the living space. Another reason we need to have carbon monoxide detectors on board the boat.”

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