Boating from Lake Champlain to New York, Champlain canal, Sandy Hook

well hello everyone my name is Jason my
name is Cloee and today we’re going to show you our video from Lake Champlain
to New York City. Now the first part of video is gonna focus on on the canal
system from the Champlain canal cuz I find a lot of people are a little bit
worried going through canals and the fact that you’re seeing them might help
you out and give you more confidence to go through them. The important thing to know
about the locks it’s you’re on your own. There’s also a lot of barges coming
so you have to ask them if there’s one because they’re very wide and
the canal is narrow so they might push you off the side. The second part of
the video we’re gonna go to the Hudson River and then finally we’re gonna go
through to New York City. In New York City you can either stay at New Jersey
like us and it’s for between four and five dollars a foot for for the
marina or just before New York there’s a marina that
offers mooring for forty dollars a night or you can also drop anchor on their
spot for twenty dollars. There’s a lot of reviews that says there’s a lot
of waves when you’re out at anchor at 79 Bay Street Bridge however by going
through there I find that there’s a lot less traffic than the more southern part of
New York where there’s a lot of boats going by at that end there’s a little
less boats going so I think it wouldn’t be so bad and it’s just during the
daytime and at night the boats stop going. After New York we went
downtown, oops I meant we went further south to New Jersey and we went to Sandy Hook
which was really great we had a lot of fun there was great beaches and dolphins
and also a nude beach for guys who like that well there’s some old folks walking
around with everything hanging out there. so if you want to have fun just go by that
beach. Then we came back I highly recommend this trip it’s a
lot of fun

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