Boating Has Never Been This Easy

Hey there,

My name is Kayla Napier and I’m out here on the beautiful St. Lawrence River with Wavve’s founder, Adam Allore. Today, we want to take through a quick demo of the features and functionality currently included in Wavve’s 2.3 release.

Let’s start by opening up the Wavve app.

You’ll notice the map is centered on my location.

Today we’re headed to Camelot Island. You can see it right here on the map. We’re ready to head out so we’ll go ahead and switch to our favourite navigating view. First, slide two fingers up to change the pitch so we have a more horizontal rather than aerial view. We’ll also zoom in just enough so the red soundings appear. This way, we can clearly see where to go, and where to be careful.

Alright, let’s go!

Okay so we’ve arrived here at Camelot Island. It’s got a great docking spot so we’re going to add a map pin to mark it for other Wavvers. First, we need to make sure we’re centered on our location. Once we are you’ll notice this icon changes to the plus sign. Tap that to open up our marker library. Click on the mooring icon and add a comment. Here is also where you can decide to make this pin public or keep it to for yourself. In this case, we’re going to share this one with the entire community, so we’ll keep it private. Click save, and see a little piece of your knowledge populate the map.

If you’re in a different area and looking for a place to dock you may want to filter the map to show mooring locations only. To do that hit the wheel, click filter, and turn off everything but the mooring locations. And just like that, we’re only seeing the yellow icons.

Now today we’re meeting friends with a large sailboat. To continue to use Wavve on their boat, we’ll want to update our draft. Head into your settings, change your draft, and see how the map is instantly redrawn to accommodate a boat with a longer keel.

We hope you enjoyed this short demo. Give us a call or send us an email about your own experience using Wavve.

See you next time!

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