Boating Simulator

[Instructor] From the distance I can see the
green marker out there. [Reporter] These students are making waves
in a boat simulator. The Marine Technology students at the Beaufort
Jasper Academy for Career Excellence are learning first-hand how to operate a boat as part of
their boating safety lesson. [Instructor] You see this gentleman over here? He’s on a paddle board he has the right of
way. [Andrew Breeckner], Right now in my course
my students are taking a boater education certification basically for the students that
don’t have a drivers license you know are under age you’re not allowed to drive a boat
unless you’re a licensed driver or above 18 so they’re getting their certification test
right now which basically licenses them to operate a vessel and it’s a really good and
thorough test luckily enough the school here pays for the test for each student. [Reporter] The South Carolina Department of
Natural Resources brought their boat simulator so students could experience hands-on what
they have been learning about in the classroom. [Marie Olivo] It’s a good experience you need
to have that experience it’s good to try it out before you go into the water because if
anything happens it’s best to be like already practiced instead of on the real water cuz
you really don’t know what could happen at any moment. [A.J. Connelly] It was interesting it feels a little
bit like the boat but a little different it was fun watching the other boats and the no
wake zone and stuff like that. [Reporter] The instructor hopes by using the
simulator the students can experience how important it is to always be safe on the water. [Andrew] That really when you’re operating
a vessel it’s dangerous you know you have to follow the markers and you know this simulator
pretty thorough with that there’s a lot of vessels on there that you have to pay attention
and watch the channel markers and basically everything around you. [Instructor] Alright now slow down because
that jet ski, let him pass. [Andrew] Not only that you know boats don’t
have breaks so you have to learn how to operate and control your vessel properly. [Reporter] This is the only Marine Technology
Program in the state of South Carolina. It also teaches students how to service and
repair watercraft. At the Beaufort Jasper Academy for Career
Excellence,Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District. [Instructor] Stand-on vessel maintains it’s
course of speed the give-way vessel needs to maneuver around it.

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