Boating Skills and Seamanship Course By Retired Commander Richard Martinson.

My name is Commander Richard Martinson,
United States Coast Guard retired and I’m here on behalf of Flotilla 12
Edmonds Washington tell you a little bit about why it’s important to take the
Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Skills & Seamanship course. Each
day of every year there is a boating incident or accident in the United
States. These accidents are almost always caused due to human error lack of
information. Lack of skill is why most recreational boaters find themselves in
trouble this course will provide you with a background and necessary skills
something you cannot get online to make yourself a better safer and more
proficient boater. The entire object of this this course is to give you a
comprehensive outline and experience through the classroom in all of
the things that makes you and will make you a good seaman things like how to
trailer your boat basic mechanics, how to deal with petroleum
products, rules of the road ,aids to navigation and how to properly use a
chart and they’ll throw in how to tie knots that are a particular interest to
the Mariners. be smart and be safe and be better
prepared to enjoy your experience on the water. TAKE THE COURSE Thank you

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