Since my friends invited me on a boat fishing I went out to pick up some ingredients and spoil them for the next two days with Seviche, Crudo, Tiradito and many more things What a Vessel ! My G-D! It seems we are going to have a rough crossing because there’s more wind than expected no tenemos GPS No funca.. 4 hours to get there and 4 hours to return? shall we go back ? I don’t mind ..! quieren volver ?? porque ? nos va a tomar 4 horas llegar alla .. se que cuando estemos alla la vamos a pasar Bomba If we don’t break the boat – its ok ! GPS is on ! Is this recorded? YES we can see the islands …! A good Captain makes all the difference The good thing about fishing in Cat Caye is that suddenly it drops huge drop depth of 2,700 feet ! This is Too much !!

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