BREAKING NEWS !!! The Blea Shark performance electric surfboard

Blea surf has created a range of
electric surfboard which designed that are capable of allowing you to enjoy the
water propelling you along at 20 or 30 miles per hour depending on the version
you options for constructed from carbon fibre or reinforced polymer the
surfboards have been under development for more than four years and now allow
you to surf on any body of water whether in a sea lake or river equipped with a
swappable battery and lightweight design the electric surfboard weighs just
fifteen kilograms and requires no maintenance on a full charge the battery
is capable of providing up to 90 minutes of surfing and the electric surfboard
comes complete with a handheld throttle providing full control over at speed
choose from the shark performance made of reinforced polymer with a max speed
of 20 miles per hour or the shark sport which is made of carbon fiber and maxes
out at 30 miles per hour the blea shark performance electric
surfboard is available from 6,000 660 pounds while the shark sport electric
skateboard is available priced at seven thousand nine hundred ninety three
dollars offering $1,000 saving off the recommended retail price of nine
thousand dollars anyone can learn how to operate Blee in just five minutes
reducing practice time and lessen costs it also doesn’t require waves so you can
use it on rivers and lakes

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