Bucharest, Romania traveling all around the world…

Bucharest is biggest city of Romania.
It have population of 2 million people. Many another people
from villages and from country side came in Bucharest
in searching for better life, but here life is not so good,
you need to pay very expensive rent. This is Romulus and Remulus. They mother leave them,
and this wolf find them and feed them. They grow… This is very famous story for Europe
and it happened in Rome This area is totally different
by architecture of buildings and this one doesn’t match at all. This is theater of Bucharest,
it is very fancy and luxury and right across the street is university. It is 140 years old and name of this university is University. And also subway station name is University, by this university. I said 10 times word university, but this is subway University. This is like the middle the middle of the town. It is right the middle of the town where
all ways are crossing… Is here, you know? In up. This is University square. Where we bring Christmas tree every Christmas. We serve here like boiled and warm vine. You know it is something
that Romanians drink very often. We have live concerts here. Architecture in Bucharest is pretty amazing,
you see by beautiful buildings. And this is the oldest park in Bucharest. It is called Shishmidju. It is called? It is called Shishmidju. Shishmidju. How old is it? And the biggest one? No, the smallest one. The smallest one? This pots, this pots over there
they use many many years ago to put corn, from witch they make flour for bread. They put inside of this and they berry in the ground. They found also in, Aposi? Aposin. Aposin this kind of things
berried under ground. It is area in Romania It is like mountains and at the top
of the mountains there is some villages and they find this where villages was many years ago. This is statue what is delicated to soldiers
who died in 1st World War. Here one guy Shturbei lived and this whole garden
very old and very beautiful he give to the city. This was just land,
and he give this land like gift to the city and city build this beautiful garden. He was very rich
and lived in this castle. And here is a lot of fountains, and a lot of flowers. It is, like I said, it is the oldest park in Bucharest. Old buildings in Bucharest
like for example this one are very big inside. And all of one floor is one single apartment. When communism came they rebuild it because nobody is able to afford to pay builds for this big apartment, but earlier there was people who have a lot of lands, so that they can afford. So when communism came they just put some walls and they make more kitchens, more rooms, more apartments from one big apartment. Most of them are also destroyed. Nikolaje Causeusku build this concert hall
in back in ’80. because he wanted to show that he is big man.
This is not the only one big building that he build. He borrow money from another countries
to build another buildings big like that. This concert hall is 2nd concert hall in Bucharest. First one is Romanian Athenaeum,
back there. This is old and not, like, it is good,
but not like this one. Because for this one he bring architectures, the best architectures in world for this type of buildings. Sala Palatului have capacity for people 4 thousand,
and maybe even 5.000, in something in between. He usually take speech inside of this building and more often he don’t use microphones, because he want to show to people that he have
strong voice and that hes concert hall is very good, loud and….good. Anyway 1989. he escape with helicopter
from building behind the concert hall, because people was sick of communism,
they wanted another type of country. He just go 80 km out of Bucharest,
when he land military base he was immediately arrested. He and hes wife after short judgment took penalty of death and they was shoot for very short time. This hall is very very good for, like for noise,
for, am, take the… Acoustics. Acoustics. This is Romanian Athenaeum. It is built 1888. In my opinion and in opinion of most of Romanians
it is the most beautiful building in Bucharest. This is statue of Karol. It is one of very important kings in Romania. This building is museum of art. Half of this building is about Romanian art,
and another half is international art, but it is not so valuable stuff. Nikolaje Causeusku, when he made this speech
in balcony of this building, the people, all this are was fild of people, suddenly they start to whistle and to jell and yell and say some stuff and they go at hem, but helicopter
came in this building, and took hem away, and go, like I said. This building during this revolution,
this building was destroyed until everything was destroyed from this building. Few years later one architect came
and he wanted to rebuild this building, to look the same like the old one, but he said that
from this building should make something modern, and that’s why building look like
half old and half new and modern. Church was also build from very rich guy and it is right across the place where
Nikolaje Causeusku make hes speech and in square where
revolution happened. During communist time religion was kept in minimum. That’s why is strange why this church is not destroyed, because it’s very old
and it’s from, way before those times. This building is the oldest Romanian bank. Name of it is: Czech bank. This church is build 1724. and this one is yard where monastery,
monk people live. This is from in front, how church look like. This is Buchur fountain. Name is by Bucharest city. Bucharest is made from two words: Buchur and additional Est. Buchur is name of guy who find this place. He was shepherd man and he had a lot of sheeps. Many people came to hem to buy
hes projects from sheeps like: cheese, milk, meat and even clouds from wool, so there is people who started to build
little beat by little beat houses around hes farm. This
is how the place, how this city start to build, and now you have over 2 million people. This is parliament of Bucharest. It’s build by Nikolaje Causeusku in the time of communist Romania. He build this building
and many another buildings to show how strong is he. Here was very big fild,
but he order to crash this hill and make it flat, to build the biggest building in the world. This was the biggest
building in the world, now is 2nd. First one is Pentagon. Also in 1st of December every year, here,
in the balcony in parliament came president. In 1st of December is national day,
so he speak about Romania, he keep some speech. 1918. it was just 3 regions:
Transylvania, Moldova and Romania, and this three countries…regions united
and become one big Romania. This is 1st time that Romania existed in map, so that’s why 1st of December 1918. this happened, so every first of December it is like birthday of Romania… And also it is my birthday. 🙂 And in this parliament how much you have floors up,
that much also you have floors down. This is academy of linguistic re-search in
Bucharest and they have here all the words, all Romanian words, and they origin. This is river Dumbovica and it starts
from district 6 in lake Lakul Mori. Underground water came in this lake and start river. This river cut Bucharest, basically in two pieces and it ends somewhere here,
near to shopping mall.

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  1. Pozz Miljana! You're pronouncing very good the names of the places and buildings. Nice video! Best wishes from Romania! 🙂

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