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– [Narrator] Hi parents. This video is an
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to learn more. The weather was getting colder and Caillou and his friends knew that soon it would be winter. They also knew that every
year during the winter, an ice skating rink was created
in the center of their town. Caillou had seen it last year, but had not tried to skate. He thought that maybe this
year he would like to try. – [Narrator As Caillou]
Have you ever gone ice skating before, Clementine? – [Narrator As Clementine]
Yes. I went last year with my mommy and daddy
at the ice skating rink in the center of town. It was very beautiful. There were lots of
colorful Christmas lights and people singing carols. – [Narrator As Caillou] I
really, really want to learn how to skate this
year, Clementine. Do you think you could help me? – [Narrator As Clementine]
Huh. I don’t know if I could teach you, Caillou. I just held my daddy’s
hand when I went. He made sure that
I didn’t fall down. I’m not sure I could
do it on my own. – [Narrator As Caillou] Was
the ice very, very slippery, Clementine? – [Narrator As Clementine]
Oh yes. Very slippery. It was hard to get used to. I imagine it would
take a lot of practice to become a great ice skater. – [Narrator As
Caillou] That’s it! – [Narrator As Clementine]
What is it, Caillou? – [Narrator As Caillou]
We should build our own ice skating rink so we
have someplace to practice. – [Narrator As Clementine]
I don’t know, Caillou. That sounds like a
lot of work to me. – [Narrator As Caillou]
Don’t worry, Clementine. I know just what to do. – [Narrator] Since
Caillou was still only just four years old, he needed to go inside to
speak with his mommy and daddy about his great plan to
learn how to ice skate. Much to his delight,
they thought that it was a wonderful idea and agreed to help him. The day that the ice
had finally frozen, Caillou called his friends over to be the first ones to skate
on his brand new ice rink, but things did not go
exactly as planned. – [Narrator As Caillou] Wow! Doesn’t this look
incredible, Leo? – [Narrator As Leo] It
really does, Caillou! Your family has worked so
hard to make all of this. I am very impressed. – [Narrator As Clementine]
I’m impressed, too, Caillou. So impressed that I
brought my ice skates. – [Narrator As Caillou] You did? But your daddy isn’t
here to help you! – [Narrator As
Clementine] I know. But I thought maybe we
could help each other. – [Narrator As Leo] That’s
a super idea, Clementine! Now, if you will excuse me. (“Camptown Races”) – [Narrator As Caillou] Can
you believe what you’re seeing, Clementine? – [Narrator As Clementine]
I cannot believe my eyes, Caillou! Leo, how did you learn
how to skate like that? – [Narrator As Leo]
My auntie taught me. She played ice hockey
when she was little. So, as soon as I could walk, she bought me some ice skates. – [Narrator As Caillou] Well,
it looks like we’re in luck, Clementine! We might both learn
how to skate after all. – [Narrator As
Clementine] (laughs) – [Narrator As
Leo] Okay, Caillou. You wanna go first? – [Narrator] Caillou
had that funny feeling in his tummy again. He felt a little scared
about trying to ice skate, especially because Leo
had made it look so easy. – [Narrator As Caillou]
I don’t know, Leo. I won’t be as good as you. And what if I fall down? – [Narrator As Clementine]
That doesn’t matter, Caillou. All that matters is
that you try your best. – [Narrator As Leo]
Clementine is right. Sometimes falling
down is the only way to learn something new. Come on, Caillou. Take my hand. – [Narrator As Caillou] Maybe– Maybe I’ll just watch for now. Clementine, will you go first? – [Narrator As
Clementine] Sure, Caillou. (“Camptown Races”) – [Narrator] Now it
was Caillou’s turn. Caillou gently took Leo’s
hand and stepped onto the ice. It was very slippery, just
as Clementine had said. – [Narrator As Caillou]
I feel very wobbly, Leo! Please don’t let go! – [Narrator As Leo]
Don’t worry, Caillou. I’ve got you. Look, you’re doing it. – [Narrator As Clementine]
You okay, Caillou? – [Narrator As Caillou]
Yeah. I’m fine. Falling wasn’t
too bad after all. – [Narrator As Leo] See?
You are pretty tough. Look, Caillou! You’re
getting the hang of it. (“Camptown Races”) – [Narrator As Caillou]
Wow! That was so fun! Thank you for your help, Leo! I couldn’t have
done it without you! – [Narrator As Clementine]
Yeah, me neither. Thanks, Leo! – [Narrator As Leo] That’s
what friends are for. After a little more practice, maybe we can all go and skate
on the big rink in town. – [Narrator As Clementine]
What do you think, Caillou? – [Narrator As Caillou] I
think we can do anything if we work hard together. (“Camptown Races”) – [Narrator] Sometimes
mornings were not Caillou’s favorite time of day. Waking up and getting out of
bed was sometimes hard for him, but not this morning. This morning was extra
super duper special. Can you guess why? Have a look at Caillou’s bedroom and see if you
can find any clues about why today
might be special. What do you see? – [Narrator As
Audience] Balloons! Oh, I see balloons! – [Narrator] Yes,
I see those, too! What else do you see
in Caillou’s room? – [Narrator As
Audience] Presents! – [Narrator] Hmmmm. So what do you think
that that might mean? – [Narrator As Audience]
It’s Caillou’s birthday! – [Narrator] That’s right! Today is Caillou’s birthday. – [Narrator As Caillou]
It’s my birthday today, and I am four years old. Do you want to come
to my birthday party? – [Narrator As Audience] Yes! – [Narrator As Caillou] Great! Let’s get this
exciting day started! – [Narrator] Caillou
quickly got dressed and ran into the kitchen
to see his mommy and daddy and little sister, Rosie. – [Narrator As Mommy]
Good morning, Caillou. – [Narrator As Daddy] Yes,
happy birthday, Caillou! I can’t believe that
you are four years old. – [Narrator As Rosie]
Happy birthday, brother! – [Narrator As Caillou]
Thanks, everyone! I’m such a big boy now! – [Narrator As Daddy]
Yes, you certainly are. The real question is: do you feel older
today, Caillou? You don’t feel any older to me. – [Narrator] Caillou
thought for a minute and then decided that maybe
he did feel a bit older. He was very excited to be four and was looking forward
to his big birthday party. – [Narrator as Caillou]
Mommy, when are my friends coming over for
my birthday party? – [Narrator As
Mommy] Well, Caillou. They should be here soon, but we still have a
few things to get ready before they come. How about you eat
your breakfast first and then you can help me
get everything set up? – [Narrator As Caillou] Yay!
That sounds great, Mommy! – [Narrator As Mommy] Fantastic. And you can start
by tidying your room after you finish your breakfast. – [Narrator] Caillou
ran to his bedroom and began to tidy up. That is looking great, Caillou! Hey kids, can you see anything
that Caillou has missed? – [Narrator As Audience]
He’s missed a doll! – [Narrator] Well done! Thanks for all of your
help, boys and girls. Isn’t Caillou’s
room looking super? How awesome to have such
a tidy room for the party. – [Narrator As Caillou]
Alright! Someone is here. Let’s go see who it is. – [Narrator As Leo]
Happy birthday, Caillou! I brought you a present! I think it’s something
that a four year old would really, really like. – [Narrator As
Caillou] Thanks, Leo! I can’t wait to open it. Come in! You’re the first one to arrive. (doorbell) I wonder who that is! – [Narrator As Clementine]
Happy birthday, Caillou! – [Narrator As Caillou]
Thanks, Clementine! Come in. We’re just about to
play “Pass the Parcel.” – [Narrator As Clementine]
Oh, I made it just in time. Woohoo! Let’s play! – [Narrator] As the children
sat down on the carpet, Mommy brought in a very
beautifully-wrapped parcel. She put it in front of Caillou and reminded them the
rules of the game. – [Narrator As Mommy] Now
remember, if a parcel ends up in front of you when
the music stops, then you get to unwrap it and keep the present inside. Ready, go! (“Bingo”) – [Narrator As
Clementine] Yes! It’s me! (“Bingo”) – [Narrator As Leo]
Wahoo! My turn! (“Bingo”) – [Narrator As Caillou]
Wow-ee! I love it! – [Narrator As Mommy]
Well done, everyone! Now, it’s time
for birthday cake. Let’s sing “Happy
Birthday” to Caillou. (“Happy Birthday” singing) – [Narrator] As his
friends and family finish singing “Happy Birthday”, Caillou is pretty sure that
this was the best birthday anyone had ever had. He liked being four years old
and couldn’t imagine any day ever being better than this one. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe. The video you just watched
is an advertisement for Caillou’s Holiday Toy Box. Visit
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