Can a Skateboard Go Through a Car Wash? | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

(playful music) (alarm wailing) (energetic music) (siren wailing) – [Officer] I’ve got you
now, Bubble Gum Bandit. You’ve stolen your last
piece of bubble gum. – (laughs) You’ll have to catch me first. (laughs) So long, Officer Una. (bird squawks) Oh no. Shoo, bird, shoo. Oh no, no no no no no! – Everyone, get down!
(dramatic music) (gum splatters) (bandit screams) – Whoa, yeah! Sweet! Uh-oh, what is that? Whoa! Oh no. Gross, I can’t skateboard like this. I guess I gotta go see
Carl at Carl’s Car Wash. – Would saying I’m sorry help? – Save it for the judge,
Bubble Gum Bandit. (Carl grunting) – Stop! Oh, thank goodness. That would’ve been a real soap-tastrophe. – Carl?
(cheerful music) Hey, Carl! – Billy, I haven’t seen you in awhile. Where’s your tricycle? – Oh, I don’t ride my tricycle anymore. I ride a skateboard now. – Oh, totally radical. – Um, yeah. Well, I came by because I need it washed. I rode over something super sticky. – Oh wow, Billy. I wish I could help you, but you know that only
vehicles go through the wash. – But Carl, I can’t skateboard
with it all messy like this. Watch. See? – I see, but I’m very sorry, Billy. Your skateboard can’t go through the wash. – (sighs) Okay. (somber music) (siren wails) Hey Carl, can this vehicle
go in the car wash? – (laughs) You didn’t need
to call the police, Billy. Hi there, Officer Una. Whoa, looks like you finally
caught the Bubble Gum Bandit. – I sure did, Carl. (sighs) But not before his reign of terror got little Billy’s skateboard all messy. Do you think you could clean it up? – Well, since it’s attached
to your police car, I don’t see why not. – Oh, we get to go through a car wash? It was almost worth
getting caught. (laughs) – Quiet, you! Better hurry, Carl. I need to get this guy
back to the station. – Right away, Officer Una. Let me find your vehicle. Is it a race car with
roller skates on top, a police car with a skateboard on top, or a monster truck with
a soccer ball on top? There it is, a police car
with a skateboard on top. Let’s see how messy this skateboard is. Is it a little messy, medium
messy, or super duper messy? I’d say it’s medium messy. Now let’s see what kind of mess this is. Billy, can you describe the mess for me? – The mess was pink and gobby and sticky. – Ah-ha, thanks for the description. I think I know what of mess it is. Is it smelly sludge, slippery
syrup, or sticky gobby gum? That’s it, sticky gobby gum. Now what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized or is it big? Looks about four foot six. Normal sized. (car wash rumbling) That’ll be two tokens, Billy. – So cool! – You’re getting a deal. I’m not charging you for
the police car. (giggles) – Cool, thanks, Carl. Here are your tokens. One, two. (police car revs) (cheerful music) (liquid gushing) (mechanical whirring)
(soap bubbling) (water gushing) (air howling) (mechanical whirring) – I can skate again! So cool! Woohoo, yeah! That is to say, radical. Thanks, Carl. – Well, I guess I should get
the Bubble Gum Bandit to jail. – Uh, Una, where’s the Bubble Gum Bandit? (soft dramatic music) – Oh no, he’s escaped! And all the confiscated gum is gone! Oh, not again. I better find him before
the chief finds out. (tires screeching) (siren wailing) (cheerful music) – [Child] Woo!

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