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– This is the GTN Show
brought to you by AMP Human and this week, we’re
going to be attempting to run at world record pace. – Watch out. – And we have yet another
carbon plate running shoe to join the arms race. And honestly after this week we will stop talking about
carbon plate run shoes. – Well we have some other
things to chat about as well, there’s a new team member to
the Bahrain Endurance 13 team, there’s some great news for paratri which I think some athletes are going
to be pretty excited about. We’re going to be chatting
duathlon for those of you who are duathletes out there as well as talking about a
pro who’s turning to gravel. – Well to start the triathlon news we’ve got some run news here because we saw a huge drop in the 5k road running world record at the Monaco Run 5k. It was Joshua Cheptegei that knocked an impressive 27 seconds off the previous world record
which stood at 13 minutes and 18 seconds, as he ran
12 minutes and 51 seconds. – Yeah, I mean that is just massive. I can’t imagine running anything like that but how fast 12:51 must even be. – Yeah Heather I think
we should head outside and see just how fast that is. Well that equates to 2:34 per kilometer, or 4:08 per mile which is
23.3 kilometers an hour. And given that most treadmills
don’t go up to that speed, we have come outside for this. – Oh yeah, you’ve guessed it. We are going to attempt, the
word attempt is quite key here, to run at world record pace. Now I’m not sure why we’ve
signed ourselves up for this but you guys at least I
guess get to see us suffer. – Yeah so I guess the idea
is just see how far we get at that pace? – Yeah, it’s not going to be very far for me as it’s 15.4 seconds
per hundred meters I think. – That’s fast, really fast. – I’ll be happy if I get a hundred meters. – Yeah, well let’s go
warmup and get going. (motivational music) Are you ready Heather? – No. – As ready as you’ll ever be. Three. Two. One. Go. (motivational music) – Oh my goodness that
is just ridiculous pace, yeah I think I managed about 80 meters and barely hit it. But Mark is off, so see how far he goes. – And he kicks, goal, goal. (heavy breathing) That’s about only half a k. Felt so out of control. Had a little uphill and a downhill and the downhill I just
felt like I was flailing my arms around. But yeah, that is seriously quick for 5k. – Well I don’t think it was
really any surprise that that was some pace to certainly keep. Sadly though it has
come under a little bit of skepticism because yep, you guessed it, he was wearing the Nike Vaporfly Next% and it turns out that actually that improvement in time was just less than a 4% improvement. – Well actually in the same
event it’s also worth noting that quite an impressive
record was broken, it’s the British 5k road running record and that was done by Nick
Goolab in a time of 13 minutes and 27 seconds to take third overall. But going back to your little
Vaporfly discussion there and carbon plates. We’ve been waiting for
Adidas to join this arms race and they have not disappointed ’cause last week they announced that on the first of
April they’ll be releasing their new Adidas Adizero
Pro in limited quantity with a carbon plate. Meaning that we can now tick that off from our GTN
predictions for 2020. – Oh yes, well a little
bit more about the shoe, their carbon plate they’re
labeling it the Carbitex and it’s actually going to sit
just above the mid sole foam between the sock liner and
apparently it’s designed to flex up into a 30 degree angle so that it really aids that toe off phase of the running gait without
putting too much bone stress through the metatarsals. But they’ve also updated the sole, they’ve got a proprietary foam
they’re calling Lightstrike which is designed to give extra pop and unsurprisingly is extremely light. And they’re sticking with
that lightweight theme on their upper as well. They’ve got a new upper which
they’re calling Celermesh. – Yeah and then as I mentioned earlier this is available on a limited
basis from the 1st of April and then on general release
around mid May onwards. Now the price is to be confirmed but they’re suggesting somewhere
around the 150 pound mark, – Quite reasonable.
– Which is significantly cheaper than some of the
other carbon plate shoes. – There’s some great
news for paratriathlon as it’s just been announced
that there’s going to be a prize purse for the ITU Elite Paratriathlon World Cup in Florida in March and this
is actually the first time that an ITU Elite paratri
race has had a prize purse. It’s going to be $60,000 which is the same as the Elite World Cup Race
that’s going on at the same day. – Yeah this is thanks to USA
Triathalon who’ve really pushed for this financial backing
for the paratri events alongside the ITU and well this is a fantastic
a move and I just hope that this continues forward
outside of the states for future paratri events. – Right, there were rumors
at the end of last season of Kristian Blummenfelt potentially joining the worlds largest professional triathlon
team, Bahrain Endurance 13. It all went a little bit quiet, we did see Vicky Holland join the team and there was still a potential slot left and then apparently
there were conversations between the Norwegian Federation and an agreement wasn’t reached until now and Kristian has
officially joined the team. And no doubt that’s
been helped by the fact that he’s won the Bahrain
70.3 Ironman three times, he’s also broken the course and the world record
over that distance too on that same race. – He’s had quite an
impressive season or two yeah. And as Heather’s mentioned it’s quite an impressive
team he’s joining. I’m actually going to attempt it here, we’ve got Jan Frodeno, Alistair
Brownlee, Javier Gomez, Holly Lawrence, Daniela
Ryf, Terenzo Bozzone, David Plese, Vincent
Luis, Ashleigh Gentle, Lauren Parker, Kristian
Blummenfelt, Ben Kanute, one more. – Terenzo, did you say Terenzo? – Might’ve said Terenzo. – I don’t know if you have. – Terenzo then. – We’ll go with that. Let’s hope that is 13. Again an impressive
lineup and quite a mixture of athletes and we’re seeing. – Vicky Holland – Oh yeah, we’d already mentioned her, just not on your list. But we’re seeing a real
spread from ITU athletes right up to long distance. And I think this year is
going to see potentially a lot of that team, if not all of that team, racing at 70.3 Worlds because
they are so late in the season and it’s affecting athlete’s calendars so the ITU athletes can
potentially do the Olympics and then retrain for that and then the Kona athletes
can also potentially do it, and it’s seeing some changes. And that actually leads
onto an announcement which, I’m not sure when this came out but Holly Lawrence has said that she’s going to race
her first Ironman this year at St. George and if it
goes well potentially Kona as well as the 70.3 Worlds. – Yeah I think this
year is really exciting and St. George in particular actually, they have changed from being a 70.3 and they’re going to cycle
between it being a full Ironman every three years. So this year it’s going
to be a full Ironman then again back in 2023. So yeah, best of luck to Holly, I mean this could be
quite exciting to watch. Yeah we are seeing a few events
sort of doing this rotation and changes. And there’s actually sadly seeing that the full Ironman distance
at Santa Rosa has stopped, it had only been an
age group race recently but they’re now sticking to, ’cause after all the fires
they had back in 2017 and the logistics and the
effort for the local community to put it together. They’re going to just
keep it at a 70.3 for now. So a shame to see that race go. – Well moving on and here
at GTN we’re always keen to promote the benefits of cross training for triathlon, be it for mental benefits and having a break from triathlon, or actually just to
improve on some new skills or some old skills. And especially during the off season. Well it seemed that pro
triathlete Heather Jackson has taken this one step further as she’s getting stuck
into some gravel races. – Yeah she’s signed up to
do the Belgian Waffle ride, she’s doing Dirty Kanza 200
which is a pretty epic race. And she’s not just dipping her toe in it ’cause she’s actually
joined a gravel team, the Wahoo Frontiers and with that we’ve actually seen her race just recently in Boulder, sadly though that race
was canceled due to snow, but I think she’s fairly at
home in the snowy conditions, we’ve seen her doing cross country skiing so she’s not new to do
doing cross training. She just says that it’s, you know gravel racing
sort of gets her vibe and it’s something that she’s all about, so it’s quit exciting – I can see her doing
gravel racing actually yeah, it seems quite a fun sport. But also she has made it quite clear that this doesn’t, or it’s
not getting in the way of her triathlon training because she will be doing
each of these events, traveling with her run gear and doing a run off the back of them. – Yeah so I think Kona is still
very much set in her sights. Let’s kick racing news off
with some news from Challenge. They have just announced an epic lineup for Challenge Roth, their
biggest long distance event, and actually the fastest
Ironman distance race in the world at the moment with the world record
times coming from there. So we are going to see, fingers crossed, none other than the full Kona
podium for both the men’s and the women’s side. So that’s going to include
the likes of Jan Forden, Tim O’Donnel, Sebastian
Kienle on the men’s side. Anna Haag, Lucy Charles and Sarah Crowley on the women’s side, plus
the returning champion, defending champion, Andi Dreitz, he’s going to be joined by
Cam Worth, Josh Amberger on the men’s side. Then there’s Laura Siddal, Rachel McBride to name but a few on the
women’s side as well. So it is epic and you never know, we might even see some new world records. – That would be exciting. And also some really interesting players, people that can mix it up like
Josh Amberger on the swim, see what happens. But staying with Challenge
because this weekend we had one of their most
iconic long distance events in Challegne Wanaka. Now this used to attract quite
an impressive elite field for the full distance event
but now they’re attention seems to have shifted to the
middle distance event. And we had Braden Currie taking
the win on the men’s side, he posted the fastest run split of the day over Matt Burton in second and then fellow kiwi
Mike Phillips in third. Over on the women’s side a similar story. It was Radka Kahlefeldt who
actually took the win overall, also with the fastest
run split of the day. Second place went to Hannah Wells and third to Meredith Kessler. – There was also Ultraman
Florida over the weekend and a very impressive
performance by Dede Griesbauer and she was in the overall lead of the whole event after
the swim and the bike and it wasn’t until the double marathon, yep you heard me right, the
double marathon at the end where she lost that lead and
dropped back to second overall. It was Steven Keller who took
the overall win in a time of 21 hours 49 minutes
and 16 seconds of racing. Dede Griesbauer still
finished second overall but winning the women’s rance and it was Jeff Fejfar who
finished third overall. – I just can’t comprehend
racing for that long, over twenty hours, and
they were the fastest. We also this weekend had a Powerman event, and for those that don’t know
what a Powerman event is, well it’s quite an iconic long distance duathlon racing series. And this weekend they
actually had the first edition of Powerman Portugal which
I’ve heard from inside sources was quite a tough course. The men’s race was won by Seppe Odeyn and then the women’s race
was won by Nina Zoller. But talking of duathlon, we don’t actually talk about duathlon all that much here on GTN, there aren’t a ton of
duathlon events out there. – I know you’re a fan of them aren’t you. – Yeah but they’re no less impressive. I mean I used to do a lot of them, particularly pre triathlon season, and they’re arguably
harder than a triathlon ’cause you’re just hammering the legs for three disciplines,
well two disciplines but obviously two runs. So yeah, we we’re wondering how many of you out there take part in
duathalon, simple yes or no, you can enter that by
clicking just up here. – Well now it’s time for
results from last week when I actually asked you “Should triathlon bikes be banned?” And oh my goodness that
opened up a can of worms, did expect to but the
actual results for the poll, only 12% of you said yes, and that left 88% of you saying no. – But let’s have fun, let’s
read up some of these comments. ‘Cause they’ve got some fair points. – No I hear both sides. – And to be honest we weren’t saying we should ban the bikes. – It’s all right you don’t
have to by my attorney Mark, it’s fine. – The Triathlon Coach TTC said “No way, this is what
makes triathlon different “to other sports.” Which is absolutely fair and
I agree with you actually. – And a lot of people were on that one. But then we’ve got Roy Thuv
says “Just ban anything “I can’t afford.” I think a lot of people on
the same page as you Roy. – We had Kyoungseoun
Chung said “In my opinion, “UCI rules in the road “hinder technological
improvement such as aerodynamics. “I think triathlon is the
only field pushing industry, “invests more money in interests “to have innovative designs of the bike. “And eventually gives
gives positive aspects “in the entire bike industry.” I totally agree with that ’cause I think it’s really exciting, it pushes this development and innovation, it’s really cool. – Yeah we’re lucky to be involved that. And then we’ve got Jim Hall,
“Pros should all be using “the same bikes or bikes
within a certain spec, “tire pressure, wheels, gearing, etc.” I mean that’s more like
match racing and sailing. – Well also someone else
did talk about price capping like in F1, there is like a
price cap on how much teams can spend on the cars.
– A lot of sports do don’t they. I mean rugby has the same, football even, you know we’ve seen, well
going off an tangent here but all sports. – I did quite like this last one from Djordje Djordjevic said “Ventum has left the chat.” – Yeah they would be a bit disappointed – if our poll was the other
way around wouldn’t they. – Yeah, but don’t forget
to enter this weeks poll, click it just up there. – All right it’s one of the favorite parts of the show for me, it’s when we get to look at your photos that you guys have very
kindly shared with us. And to start us off we’ve
got this one from Charlotte of some rather sparkly looking bikes, both her partner and her have
had their bikes re-sprayed. – Very cool you’ve got a Felt DA4 and a Factor SLiCK. Which one’s your favorite? – Oh I’m going to go with the Felt, the sparkles. – It is cool that color but
I do love the Factor bike, it’s such a nice shape, and I do like just the
simple paint finish on that. It’s good. – I was drawn, I’m a bit of a
magpie, to many of the colors. – Cool. Next one in from Andrew and
this is his CUBE Attain, it’s from Darby in the UK and he said, he basically wanted to show off actually about the desk that he’s made. This is a homemade desk and he
said “All from recycled wood, “broken scaffold boards and
a pallet liberated from work “along with a few other bits and bobs.” And you’ll probably notice we’ve got swim, bike, run stencils
on the side, and GTN. He said “Can I get a free cap, “it’s a great logo at the bottom.” We’ll make an exception in this case, obviously we’d love you all to promote GTN and shout about it but yeah, get in touch and
we’ll pin a cap out to you. – Yeah we love it, the
effort that’s gone into that, it’s brilliant. This next one’s from Floris and it is, he’s got two bikes here, the Cervelo P2 and a B’Twin’s Triban 100 road bike. – Yeah, this is from
Aston in the Netherlands and he said he’s graduated recently, not financially capable
of buying the latest and greatest gear but this is
his low budget student setup. I’d say that’s pretty good. – Well it’s spacious isn’t it, – Better than mine. – It’s kind of like, is
that nutrition products that he has invested in, something that’s on the
shelves there all matching. Honestly Floris if that’s
on a low budget then you’re doing very well. – Yeah well done. Well going from one end of
a budget to another I think, this from Nenad, Trek Madone
Project One from Serbia. And what an impressive pain cave is this, it looks like a nightclub
come kind of shop display. – [Man] Yeah it genuinely
looks like the gym I’ve got a membership to. I mean he’s got a custom built wall, TECHNOGYM MYRUN which is one of the treadmills we use actually, Wahoos with setup for the
ultimate torture experience. But yeah that looks pretty darn cool. One of my favorite yeah. But moving on this one is really cool. I’m not sure we’ve had anything
like this sent in before, this is from Jason in Perth and he is connected up to a gas mask ’cause he’s actually
doing some VO2 max testing in his own home. He said he wants to keep
regular track of his zones to make sure his training’s
in the right intensity and he’s training correctly and smartly so he does regular VO2
max testing himself. – I mean I find it hard enough to get on my turbo when it’s at home and that’s just to sort of ride
along while watching the TV. I think I would never get on if it had a VO2 max machine next to it, but it’s pretty cool if
you’ve got that dedication. – I love the fact he’s just
obviously just voluntarily opting into do a VO2
max test all time time. At 41 years old he said
he’s got VO2 max of 69.3. Very impressive. – That is yeah, dropping
that one in, like it. Well we love your photos, a great array, a great mixture this week. So if you’ve got a photo that you think we’d be
interested in, we definitely will so make sure you share them with us, and you can do that by using the uploader. Well now it’s time for the
GTN caption competition and last week’s photo was actually from the ITU Winter Triathalon
World Champs in Asiago, I don’t know how to say it. But what I didn’t realize,
totally over my head, is that is home to quite a famous cheese, so we’ve had a few good captions come in. – Well I had no idea what some of these captions were on about
until you told me this Mark. So we have a couple of
runners up with reference to the cheese, this one
from Jesse Czelusta says “Whoa, wait, which way to the cheese?” – And then MrBananaWaffles said “Hey, you try skiing
down a mountain of cheese “and see how easy it is.” – Another one from Savage Poet here, “I give up, It snow use gardening
in the middle of winter.” – Very good. And the then the winner though
goes to Chris Debonnaire and said “How do I clip
out of these things, “I’m getting close to the dismount line.” – That panicking feeling. – Yeah very good. Yeah get in touch and
we’ll send this out to you. But now for this week’s
caption comp photo, and we’ve had to dig through
the archive a little bit here ’cause I’ve gone back
to the Karlovy Vary ITU, or European Cup, which actually I think is
the year a couple years ago that Gustav Iden actually won it. Quite an interesting course, lots of diving each
lap I’ve done it myself and always get some funny dive photos, this one comes from that. – And make sure you leave
your caption suggestions in the comment section below. And before you go, let us tell you about some exciting videos we’ve got coming up this week. Quite a selection including a question that I’m asking with a little
bit of an investigation whether you can actually
run in fashion trainers, also some results from
some wind tunnel testing that we’ve been up to, looking at the difference
between a road bike, a road bike with clip on
aero bars, and a tri bike. – I’m really looking forward
to seeing the results of that actually. And if you have enjoyed
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