Cap Maison St. Lucia Experiences – Snorkeling and more

Snorkeling at Cap Maison is awesome. I have to admit It’s been one of the best places I have ever snorkeled around the island. It’s very nice green, a lot to see down there. A lot to understand down there. The entire sea bed down there is very nice and lush. You get a variety of different
kind of fish from Red Snapper, Yellowfin
Snappers. You get Flounders. So, you get a variety of many
different species of fish down
there. Some I may not even know the
name of. From Horse Fish to Puffer
Fishes, to some beautiful Parrot Fish. We have green and yellow and red
and blue and it’s amazing. Some of the clearest, bluest
water for snorkeling around the
Caribbean can be found right here at Cap

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