CAPiTA Super DOA – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax, today to talk
to you about the new Super DOA possibly the most eagerly awaited snowboards for
this season! where to start? Really devoted a lot of time to to this board this season just the test it, get a feel for where
it sits in the range and who ultimately it’s designed for. So, I managed to ride
this out in kind of very springtime conditions earlier in the season and in
Pila and then ride it in a bit of powder and a bit of chopped up varied
conditions and May. Should have been the other way around but what can you do.
So plenty of time on this board to actually get to get to grips with where
it sits. So it holds the same name as the D.O.A but with adding Super on there so, I
was a bit unsure if it really is a D.O.A or not because it does feel very
different it sits at a hugely different price tag but ultimately yes it does
have that versatility with a kind of more freestyle feel that the D.O.A has but
it is more souped up, it is a little bit trickier to ride sometimes, but it has
huge amounts of pop without sacrificing kind of a bit of torsional forgiveness
the pop is really up and down the board so when you’re launching it off side hits
yeah way snappier than a standard D.O.A But also when you
really take this thing at speed down a down a steep red, it holds on a lot
better than the standard D.O.A. So for riders looking to go quicker, ride
harder this is the option really for them to start to take over the standard
D.O.A. It doesn’t quite have the same free ride capabilities as say your kind
of Black Snowboard Of Death or your Mercury but in terms of if I was taking
it into the park as well yeah hands down this has those licked.
yeah haven’t really focused on the tech I think you’ll see a lot of the 3D
shaping so they’ve milled out a lot of weight they’ve used the lighter weight
core than you would get and a standard D.O.A They’re using a kind of carbon
flax which again just improves weight reduction but enhances the ride and feel. So, who is it really aimed at? Well again
we come back to the standard D.O.A which is one of the most versatile boards on
the market it’s a team board it’s one of their best-selling boards but don’t
think at the price tag that this is going to be their best-selling snowboard
by any means but for riders want a next step above a standard D.O.A this hugely
delivers and can it share the name of the D.O.A? Yeah I think it can because it
ultimately is a truly versatile snowboard but with a slightly more
freestyle snappier feel so advanced riders upwards for sure because it it
can be quite fun at speed to yeah, really charge but slower speeds probably
a bit too much to handle for a more relaxed rider. Yeah if you’ve got any
more comments or want to talk in depth do contact us because this has been a
real talking point for his out on test this year. Happy to give you any more
feedback that isn’t covered in this video So, yeah, thanks very much.

10 thoughts on “CAPiTA Super DOA – 2020 Snowboard Review”

  1. I'm about 5'10 165 lbs with size 11.5 32 boots would the 155 wide be a good board for my weight and with the 258 waist width or do I need a wider board?

  2. Hey, please can you provide more information on your comment "at slower speeds may be a bit too much to handle for a more relaxed rider"

  3. Hi guys,

    I'm torn between the Super DOA and the Mercury.

    At the start of the trips I usually set out to charge and carve as hard as possible, with the occasional powder runs within the safety of the resort. But as my legs get tired later on I always end up 'playing' on side hits and obstacles.

    I was leaning heavily towards the Mercury, but the more I hear and read about the Super DOA, the more I start wondering if that would be perfect choice since it's got the seriousness of the Merc, but with a bit of the DOA playfulness… Maybe a larger size for better float in powder?

    Has anyone of you guys gotten the chance to ride both the Merc and SDOA?
    I'm 184cm, Size 12US, about 80Kg
    Any advice on picking between the two would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Dustin.

  4. Thanks for the helpful review !
    I am looking to charge and cruise the whole mountain, hit some sidehits or jumps in the park and do some powder riding when i get the chance.
    Intermediate- advanced rider
    I am 6‘2ft , 185lbs , US12 Boot
    Will this board be good for me ? And which size is recommenced ? 158w or 161w?
    Thanks a lot !

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