Capitulo 3 – MOCHILÃO IRLANDA – Pedindo carona – Couchsurfing – Waterford – Cork

Hello guys, I’ll tell a little bit about this amazing day I was thinking at the beginning when I woke up. It was raining a lot and I was going to fuck myself And so far only good thing so let’s go Last night was hard, it was the worst night I camped so far It was too windy, it rained the whole night. I did not pitch my tent right, I made a mistake I’ll try to get a hitch from the campsite If I can not I’ll walk to the highway Then I took a shower, I needed And I saw a couple in the camping kitchen I got there and talked, explained what I was doing Super cool and the first thing they said they would take me on the highway Perfect, it will be wonderful I was in the wrong place before I went to a strawberry shop and the guy gave me a bag full of strawberries I believe I’m on the road to Waterford I already arrived in Waterford, I got a unbelievable hitch, amazing What the guy did to me is not written I took a bus from waterford to tramore. The weather is good, I’m lucky I came to know a beautiful city, I got this tip with my first couchsurfing I want to go to the beach, which seems to be very pretty. Hi, how are you? I just left Shah’s house, a very cool Pakistani who let me stay two days in his house I’m walking, it’s been a while. To get on the highway And Ian left, he gave me a ride halfway I took the ride super fast, I spent ten minutes Now let’s go to Cork Hey guys, I’m here in Cork Today I just took a hitch very fast

3 thoughts on “Capitulo 3 – MOCHILÃO IRLANDA – Pedindo carona – Couchsurfing – Waterford – Cork”

  1. É isso aí filhão… Aproveite, sempre!!!
    Em novembro vou pra Colômbia, na base do mochilão também… Uhuuuuu… Começando!

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