Car Surfing & Ghost Riding – Dangerous Trend

misunderstanding and taxes brought to you
by west coast offering premium web hosting since nineteen ninety eight but a west coast
dot com slash you might see with twenty five percent off your order we have a video on a new trend known as the car surfing to act on this video
i thought it was super interesting and uh… basically has to do with people who like to
go surfing on moving vehicles alright out we have eight today video regarding this topic let’s watch it
will discuss uh… car scharping is dangerous illegal adams
your except among some teenagers and twenty-somethings
this is how it works you get behind the wheel of the car and their driving twenty thirty forty miles
an hour friend about the car cards up on the roof
and stands up he’s surfing the car the rumors gamble mcclures tour and the beauty of the climbing on the roof
of moving car are and in some cases drivers even served they weren’t kore which is called blues right and as it is real it is not uncommon to feed the starving and net pop sometimes coarser perjurer form for with
for him and for records and that you read we call
it skateboard or vanilla shopping eighteen-year-old cameron people leaped onto
the back of the court as the car went faster and faster hammer and
his friends approached his people shopping cart here camera from twenty-seven through the year landed on its head and on what are people thinking all right so in the end dec uh… you know
the un ball a dies from doing this stupid thing and yes i have a picture of the person
who is driving the vehicle out when this happened his name is matthew a smith and he looks like a disaster i would never realized go ahead and when i saw the picture beguiling
driving i was like if that’s the guy who would be dr yet unlike and you know he wanna uh… doris jail for
four years for that for negligent homicide uh… and let the parents admit of course
that it was also part of their sons fault you feel terrible because he died but home
on writing behind a shopping are running in probably are you can’t be surprise when you meek with disaster
as the ghost writing when you go on top of the
car it’s accident people are is each forty is in favor of both goals riding
the wave and shaking the dreads and i can understand why some people would
be in favor of it does because he forty likes it you know but is himself it’s tough electives uh… one of the d_a_ ice to try to listen
to the clinton story come a break on the matter how bad the guy was you know murder his drug dealers wherever because one of the brain every deed any breakthrough
eyes of buttons laminack or they could were there were circle of who drag race ok i can’t stand people
who get get a car meetings a fucking paulie may be destroyed lives that day kill families and its awful this awful and
these fuckers need to be uh… port to cut this year as not funny calls because
i think about it don’t do this shit stupid the kills people
and destroys families are really does side and and to buttress that point decade not only did he die of course and and
uh… destroyed the family but uh… afterwards they were so film problems that is uh… has a lot of eating
divorced and on that today show they said they probably wouldn’t have gotten divorced
if he was still there it just totally obliterated that family and by the way anybody else notice a higher
any of the reporters here doing a story about how you have to be careful
while driving hellenic packing interest abra henry at west los prints were causing for nineteen cents a day dated writing you to
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100 thoughts on “Car Surfing & Ghost Riding – Dangerous Trend”

  1. Is it bad that I have absolutely no pity for this kid that died? I mean, were he like 14 or so, I might, simply because 14 year olds tend not to have a fully developed critical thinking center in the brain. However, 18? No, I'm sorry, but that was incredibly stupid, and there's no possible good excuse as to how you didn't know that this was a terrible idea. Sorry, but I don't pity him at all.

  2. @wfofxfan The only one is the ghost riding. There, they have the capacity to injure people that did nothing wrong and had no involvement at all.

  3. @unhealthytruthseeker Hell, this is probably the stupidest dangerous idea of heard of since "bug chasers," homosexual males that deliberately try to get AIDS because they fetishize it or just consider it somehow glamorous.

  4. I admit, it looks cool. It's the teenager in me that screams "COWABUNGA". But as an adult, I'm against it simply for the fact that it destroys property and/or can kill people.

    You want to be a dumbass? Go and do it in the middle of the desert so you can't harm others around you. Be sure to bring the video camera though.

  5. i've been biking to work the past couple days do to car troubles… and every time a car drives by me all i can think is.. i just wanna grab their bumper and have them pull me down this street… i'm so tired……….

  6. I saw a story about 2 drunk guys with the idea of inventing a new sport of putting a mattress on top of a car and surfing it…it was on 1000 ways to die.

  7. Mr Asian. Does murderers destroy lives?

    That guy that drove looked like a dumbass, but that alone shouldnt insinuate that hes less remorseful for killing hes friend.

  8. Eh, I hope he means Street Racing, "drag racing" implies a track to a lot of people. Also, good to know your opinion, but I don't think that they were street racing, they were doing something even stupider in my opinion.

  9. ghostriding is not car surfing your own car. ghostriding is dancer alongside your car while its going like 2 miles per hour. these ppl need to know their facts and btw
    ppl who ghostride or car surf arent cool because they dont drive a stick

  10. @TheHobgoblyn So, riding ontop of a VAN is perfectly FINE and you're not surprised… but "ghostriding" isnt? …your logic isnt based in reality.

  11. Man… "Ghostriding" used to be a funny goofy retarded thing by itself.. then some mountain dew drinking dumbasses had to go and make it EXTREME, and go top speed and ride the hood? What happened to driving at 5 mph with your speakers blasting shitty rap music and getting out and doing the harlem shake or whatever the fuck? You dont see E-40 out there riding his car hood at 50 mph ahaha jesus tittyfucking christ.

  12. @eeedel Is skydiving fine? What about hang gliding? Skiiing behind a powerful motorboat? Skiing across a mountain you don't know about?

    All of these things are extremely dangerous. All of them have a very high probability of injury or death– but there is still some human control. If someone is riding on top of a van or being pulled by a car, it is dangerous and one could get killed BUT there is some control, some way to mitigate harm.

    Ghost riding doesn't have that. That's the logic.

  13. That reminds me. My friends used to do something called bumper surfing (or something like that) in the winter in Chicago (back when cars had bumpers you could actually grab).
    If there was enough snow on the street, they would duck behind some parked cars and wait for a car to drive by. Then they would grab the bumper, squat down and surf the street with the car pulling them. Either the driver wouldn't know and they would let go or the driver would speed up and they would let go.
    I abstained…

  14. hey TYT adding google ad-sense ads, then your included ad, and then another ad at the end of the video is WEAK SAUCE!
    Pick one or the other, none of this doubling/tripling up crap!

    Elsewhere in the world they started a revolution and put their very life on the line, but in the US, he died portraying jack Ass the movie!
    The US is DOOMED!!!

  15. @TheHobgoblyn all I was noticing is you downplayed riding ontop of a van pulled from teen wolf and werent surprised.. but were somehow surprised at the stupidity displayed in this video. i understand the controlled dangerous acts bit, but it seems like you were saying you GET "a" but "b" you found to be deplorable.

  16. Anyone dumb enough to do any of this shit deserves what's coming to em. Be it the guy doing the car surfing/ghost riding, the driver of the vehicle, etc. It's simple really. That kid who died was old enough to know better. It's not like he was 5 years old. It's time that people stopped treating 16 year olds like they're 4. Imo the driver and the kid who died were equally responsible.

  17. @hanaryukoku First impression, my friend. It's not just the tattoos, it's because the guy looks like a douche. And apparently was.

  18. @ForceRecon198 In tenessee, Alabama i met many people who didn't believe in it. Know people in north and south carolina as well who do not. Its also considered the norm down there. Some schools even teach creationism as a class.

    The poll was done by gallup in 2010, I slightly misquoted it 46% believe in evolution, 40% do not. Though the 46% includes some forms of intelligent design.

    Only 16% believe in evolution without god playing a role.

  19. @streetsoulja13

    If you think this was EVER "cool", well….just make sure you are an organ donor and carry your card with you at all times.

  20. @ForceRecon198 The survey was talked about by TYT but it was done by gallup via random telephone calling. They have charts on their website since they started doing this survey in 1982. By being a telephone survey you can expect age bias as most younger people don't have access to phones anymore.

    But its been pretty consistent over the years though secular evolution has been growing, and creationism has shrank slightly.

  21. @bistander I'm not trying to justify car surfing. I'm just making a comment on society about how people think one thing is crazy and stupid while they can look at another thing that's equally crazy but not be as outraged over it. Also, I'm sure there are tons of other examples of "extreme sports" that don't include safety harnesses. And unless you're a beginner, you don't HAVE to tandem jump (if that's what you meant by "professional that is being strapped to a person's back.").

  22. @ForceRecon198 I think it mostly depends on what the local religion is, and how the religious leaders present it. If church is a big part of your life and your pastor says evolution is a lie. People trust em. If your not religious or go to a church that either believes in evolution, or doesn't preach against it. Then people trust the schools.

    Though since the survey has age bias, and doesn't have numbers by regions either of us could be right, or a mix of both.

  23. @gamehazard101 I agree with you on some level, but did any of them look professional? Did they have training or a certificate in car surfing or ghost riding, or have their shit together in general?These people have nothing better to do than to fuck up a car or themselves. I was only giving examples for your examples of bungee jumping and sky diving.

  24. @eeedel The flip side of it is that if one is unfamiliar with the details of how badly one can get hurt, then riding on top of a car or getting pulled behind in a cart on the surface appear like even if something goes wrong the worse that will happen is that the skateboard/cart with bump into the back of the car or the person on top will fall down 5 feet to the ground. It's worse, yes, but it isn't obvious.
    But with ghost riding, how is one NOT going crash their car into something?

  25. @TruthAndMoreTruth they deserve the money stop bitching and the adds at the end of the video are easily avoidable just don't watch it, and the adds at the start are 2 sec long -.-

  26. As much as i love TYT – I gotta call bullshit on this one. This isn't new. Its been around for years. The video with the dude in the red truck got emailed to me about 5 years ago. It only gets attention now cuz WHITE kids are doing it. Brothers have been doing this in the hood for years. But when its Black folks nobody cares. The spotlight on this may be new but the practice itself is definitely NOT new.

  27. New are you serious? car-surfing is as old as cars let's take a look at "Teen-Wolf" it had been done before that video and if we ever get hover cars it'll still happen then and look just as cool

  28. This is new?
    Don't any of you kids remember the movie "Teen Wolf?".
    Go rent it….after you ask your mom what "VHS" means.

  29. Thinking back on it, we were idiots at that age. It's amazing that as many of us survived to adulthood as we did. Usually, trips to the emergency room were preceded by the words, "Hey guys, watch this!".

  30. @bistander They CAN'T be "professionals" or get certificates for car surfing or ghost riding because people think that it's crazy and stupid. That brings us back to the point I made earlier, "I'm just making a comment on society about how people think one thing is crazy and stupid while they can look at another thing that's equally crazy but not be as outraged over it." As for having their shit together, that all depends on one's point of view. I'm a bit of a nihilist as you can see.

  31. @gamehazard101 It is crazy, but I understand that. It's the stupidity that pisses me off. They are aware that they are going to damage something. Extreme sports have safety regulations and certified professionals. If they make a viable version of car surfing, hell yeah I'll try. Ghost riding just sounds really really dumb. You saw the videos of them crashing, falling off ect. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

  32. 6 videos on Youtube from around the world accumulated over years what TheYoungTards call a "dangerous trend".

    "I am amazed at how stupid people are"

    Cenk, are you sure you are one to talk?

    That's a pretty

  33. Fluoride Head Reporter- "… and surf the car's imaginary wake on a skateboard…" LMAO.

    Logicless YoungTurd Reporter- "What are people thinking…"

    Turd, welcome to life on the planet earth where for millions of years no one gets baby-sitted.Welcome to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness… and sometimes it gets you killed. If your too stupid to figure out how to keep yourself alive then evolution steps in…smarter generation

    What are people thinking watching this show?

  34. @DjTippsy They are obviously not "wanna-bees" if not only you are watching but commenting as well.
    Need to get a real life doing what? What you do?
    Why don't you move to China where a more centralized andplanned state exists, you will fit right in. I will stay in America where you have the right to be stupid if you choose, it's called freedom.
    Endless commies on youtube.
    Go wait in for hours line for one color t-shirts then talk about the evils of "car surfing"

  35. "…and he looks like a disaster"

    "That's the guy who WOULD be driving"


    I won't excuse him for endangering another person's life, but because he has visible tattoo's the presenters would have second-guessed an accident happening, as opposed to any other person performing the same act?…

  36. the great thing about opinions is that they are objective and i object to these reporters! kids having fun and doing stupid shit is a way of life, 100 years ago they would be standing on the back of a horse while it ran along. If your going to rag on people for doing 'questionable' things, just think who are they actualy hurting. If the answer is just themselves, leave them to it. Learning the hard way is something we all have done at some point.

  37. Every six-year-old knows better than to get on a moving car.  This is parenting 101, for crying out loud.  No sympathy for people who get killed doing something this dumb.

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