Carver Skateboards: Ride Review – 33.75″ Greenroom

The Greenroom surfskate is 33 3/4 inches long,
by 9 7/8 wide, with a 18 7/8 inch wheelbase. The Greenroom is a bigger board with a retro
template that provides plenty of platform for stable carving and a wider stance, perfect
for cruising and pushing, with a view down the tube by reknowed artist Matt Beard. This model comes with one of two Carver surfskate
truck sets; the dual-axis C7 truck for fluid surfing motion and a wider range of adjustability,
or the reverse kingpin CX truck set for snappy rail-to-rail carving and lighter weight. The Greenroom comes with our 70mm Roundhouse
Mag wheel, hand poured in our custom 78a formula, and assembled with Carver’s Built-In ABEC
7 precision speed bearings. This wheel has the perfect blend of roll speed
and grip so you can ride fast and carve hard. Wheelbase is the distance between the trucks,
and it determines how easy it is to initiate a pump, versus how fast you can pump for speed. A longer wheelbase needs more room to pump
but has a faster top speed, and flows with wider, more drawn out turns. A shorter wheelbase is easier to pump in a
smaller space with great control, and is snappier with its tighter turning radius. With an 18 7/8 wheelbase, the Greenroom is
a well-rounded mid-length surfskate that is wide and stable for cruising and pushing,
but is surprisingly maneuverable when you want to pump and carve it as well. To watch more videos, get tech info, or shop
our gear, please visit

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