Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Archies, Chacha Chaudhary & Tinkle

So, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite
comic books of all time. Tinkle. Thank you for making a sound otherwise
it would’ve been awkward, if I just picked it up to silence. So, Tinkle… How many of you guys
have read Tinkle? Yeah?
Oh, that’s sweet. Awesome. Awesome. You remember Tinkle, yeah? Tinkle is great. It’s made by this genius man
called Uncle Pai. Whose first name is actually Uncle. Yeah. Uncle Pai was born an uncle. Like… Like when he was born he had specs
and he was like, “Yes, tell me?” It’s… it’s… What is the concern? This is my mother.
She’s busy right now. Speak to me. I will be her… communication… Yes. Awesome. So, Uncle Pai is this great person
who started Amar Chitra Katha. Yes, everyone has read that. Best marketing strategy ever. It tells parents, “Don’t you want your kids
to know about Indian culture and religion?” They’re like, “Yeah.” Kids are like, “Don’t you want a comic book?”
Yeah. And they fooled you.
Ha ha! That’s great.
I love Amar Chitra Katha. Like, they have lot of epics and stuff. And they are also about like
really important people. Like Tagore.
Tagore was a great person. It’s great. If you can…
Can everyone see this cover? You can see these random kids? They look damn annoying
for some reason. He’s just like…
Can I pass, you fuckers? He’s just like…
Can I go? I’ve shit to do. Can you let me go? Like, “No, let’s play.”
Can you let me go? Like, “No, let’s play.” Is he insane? You’re going to play blind fold with Tagore? He’s way out of your league, bro. Tagore, man. He’s like
one of the most amazing people. And, look at these two kids, They’re looking at camera. In a painting. There’s no camera but
they’re looking at it. And the thing with Tagore is that
he’s such an educated person. Everyone around him always
is reading or painting. ‘Coz Tagore is so intelligent, right?
You feel insecure around him. Like if you see him,
you’re like mmm… Education. But, I want to talk about Tinkle, okay? Tinkle is awesome. ‘Coz Tinkle has some iconic characters.
Okay? Obviously, the most popular
has to be Supandi. Yes. Supandi.
– Yes, Supandi, right? Guys, is it just me? Or is Supandi portrayed
as South Indian. I don’t know. I just feel… We South Indians have a bad image
because of this guy. First of all, can somebody
explain what is his skull structure? They keep changing it in every comic book. He looks like a giant like…
Kidney. And like what’s up with his hair? They’re like 8-10 strands of thick
caterpillars on his head. Anyway. Third favourite character is Kaalia.
Kaalia the crow. Whoa!
– Extremely racist but… The writer’s like what do we name…? Black. Black is good. Black is good. Kaalia the crow is great. The crocodile who’s always smiling,
his name is Doob-Doob. Right? Yes. Obviously. Because?
– Yes. He’s in the water. And in the water what sound do
crocodiles make? Doob-Doob. Obviously. The research that’s gone into this. National Geographic will be proud. Like how did they know?
How did they know before us? Scorcelius doobdoobious.
Awesome. That’s the scientific name. I still feel Doob-Doob makes more sense. For the crocodile than Chamataka. And the thing is… it’s a secret
like… propaganda. Propaganda… PR… PR exercise.
where they have crows of such bad reputation, right? I don’t know why. Crows have
very bad you know… Crows are really intelligent.
But, just because they are black literally… No one gives them respect. Crows are so smart. You know? Crows like they put stones and
shit dude, in the… in the glass and shit, dude. I mean, you read that?
The stones and… ‘Coz the vodka wasn’t… Karan to relate to you. The vodka wasn’t reaching. So, he put stones. He’s like… On ice. On the rocks.
On the rocks comes from this, Karan. You know the… Karan, do I have to talk about alcohol
for you to be interested? It raises.
The crows… Damn intelligent, dude.
He’s damn intelligent. Always the eagle was the villain. Which doesn’t make sense to me. Because the eagle is a superior animal. Okay.
It’s amazing. Eagle can travel at 227 kms sometimes
in the dive. It’s amazing. You can… it can race a Ferrari
if the Ferrari was falling off a cliff. Eagle is so confident sometimes,
they don’t even flap, dude. Screw this… Just going to glide like a superstar. Have you seen eagles? To mock you they’ll flap
their wings, they’ll be like… Happy? Eagles, they attack other birds while
they’re flying. You know, such over confidence. Such over confidence. Birds if you fly…
Eagles will be like, “No, bitch”. Like eagles only attack other birds
when they’re flying. It’s like the Vin Diesel of birds, you know. Vin Diesel doesn’t like anything touching the ground. He just… if a car is flying… Balls!
I’m not waiting for my car to come down. I’ll also fly with the car. Open the like… He’ll be like,
“Where’s my 20 bucks?” and then he’ll leave. He’s just… Vin Diesel does not wait. And… and what am I… like… Like side special stories was this small… Couple of twin brothers called Ramu and Shamu.
– Right. Yes.
– Yeah. Ramu and Shamu. Do you have pictures? Ramu and Shamu.
– Yes. I don’t know which one is which. Even the mom’s like
“Which one’s which?” Ha ha! Irresponsible parent, but, anyway so… Ramu, I guess, is telling Shamu, I have an idea. Buzz. Buzz. And this over confident son of a bitch, Before listening is like,
“I agree.” This over confidence is what sold the show. Just. Amazing con… and it’s just… Imagine the amount of hair wax. To make sure that two strands come out. Every morning the mom just… Goddammit. Continuity. Continuity won’t happen. So… The amount of hair wax these poor children
have to go through. The reason I like Ramu and Shamu
is not because it has great writing. Or because these two kids look
very cute and all. Because their mom was so hot. As a fifth standard kid… a mom wearing… sleeveless and all.
Yeah. I’m sorry, guys. I appreciate beauty when I see it. Oh yeah. Let’s have a round of applause. For the weirdest thing
I’ve said today. Brother, she’s so hot, dude. Like she’s super hot. Kiran, you’re also very hot. Just saying. Sleeveless… Kiran… You could be my Ramu and Shamu’s mom. I don’t know.
It’s a weird sentence. It’s a weird pick up line.
It’s weird. It’s a weird pick up line. You can’t go to a bar and be like…
You know you could… Have you read Tinkle?
Have you read…? Then this pick up line will make sense. Coming back to you hipsters who
didn’t like you know bro… We had money, bro, as kids. You would’ve read this, yeah? You’ll would’ve read Archie. Yeah.
– Whoa. Yeah. Please. Please don’t clap
for this western influence. No… I’m legit from a middle class family. Legit from middle class.
We couldn’t afford Archie, dude. ‘Coz Archie was like kids Playboy. But, Archie, damn.
The way they draw… Full like as a kid, I’m just like
I’m just a boy with no sexual fee… Betty… whoa! Every time they went to the beach, I’m like… okay, can you just give me ten minutes. Yeah. That’s how deprived we are
as an Indian child. Because the parents don’t know
this is like soft core porn. Look at this, dude. They’re touching. Guys, can I just end this stupid debate? Betty or Veronica? Like obviously Betty, dude. Yeah.
– Obviously, Betty. Is there any doubt? No.
– No, right? Because Betty is really pretty
and she’s intelligent. Like that’s all you need. Veronica was rich. Actually… okay. Okay, I’ll come back to you on this.
I’ll come back to you on this. I have to bring up this very
important character. Called Chacha Choudhry. Whoa! Yes. Of course, right? I like how casually he’s like…
Yeah… His friend is from Jupiter. Anyway… It’s just like… Casually. They wouldn’t focus on his house. And they’re like, “Oh Chacha, there’s
one small rock in the bottle.” How to take it out? Bro, there’s an alien
sitting next to you. From Jupiter. Proven there’s intelligent life
outside planet Earth. Yeah, yeah. But, he just eats
a lot of flatbreads. That was my image of…
– Yeah. His name was Saboo, dude. Again…
– Yeah Very South Indian sounding name. Why are we propagating weirdness
for South Indians? It’s not clear how we came… Came to Earth. It’s very weird. Why would he
befriend an old man? I don’t get it. Like at no point…
no point in the whole story, do people freak out. When they see Saboo. Like, yeah. He’s with you, right? No one says. Second. Nobody asks him to wear his shirt. No investigation. Chacha Choudhry’s like… Saboo’s just like… I’ve a giant, topless,
naked alien next to me. Saboo’s only strength was that
he was really strong, right? Is there anything else? Whenever he used to get angry
a volcano used to erupt. – Yeah. Yeah. Which is not useful to anybody. It’s not useful to anybody. Every time he gets angry,
there’s a cut away, right? Meanwhile… Meanwhile, that volcano… Volcano’s just like,
“Don’t know when he’ll get angry.” He never thinks about me. Hiccups. That means he’s thinking about me. And then… He’s gets angry and it explodes. It would’ve made sense if a volcano appears
in front of him when he gets angry, and then it explodes.
Actually, that’s also useless. In general volcanoes exploding
is not useful to any… Other than the formation of planet Earth. There’s no usefulness. Yeah, so, that’s the only other power, right? And he had really amazing bracelets. Imagine he leaves home one day,
he’s like, “Shit!” I forgot to wear my bracelets. What about a shirt, bro? Have you thought about that? Amazing. That’s… That’s all.
I think I’ve covered everybody. Oh, he has a dog, also.
He has a dog. Called? Rocket. You got it right. Rocket.
Rocket. And because it’s India,
they made the dog so thin. ‘Coz this fucker
used to eat all the flatbreads. The dog’s like,
“Bro, just one you give me. Just one” If you like the video? Like. Share. Subscribe. Awesome.

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