Chiang Mai Bike tour (Doi Suthep, Old Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai University & Indian food)

I am exploring Chiang Mai on a bicycle My Couchsurfing host has given his cycle Behind me, on the hill top is Doi Suthep, where I am going to visit today evening Though Chiang Mai is a big city, but still worth visiting Situated in the north of Thailand, it is popular tourist destination So there is much more to see than just Bangkok, Phuket & Pattaya in Thailand. I would recommend you to visit Chiang Mai This is Chiang Mai University campus On my left is a post office Chiang Mai university campus seems to me more beautiful and organised than Delhi University campus I am wandering without any aim. Just came to visit the campus There were many students sitting inside the red colored vehicle What a beautiful view! Mountains in my front, maintained lawns on my left and right, proper parking space for vehicles Everything seems to be very organised This reminds me of JNU Campus in New Delhi There is a 7 Eleven store inside the university campus That is a battery operated, non-polluting vehicle I wish such non-polluting vehicles should run in our universities in Delhi also. Being a Mass Communication graduate.. I feel a sense of affinity to the Mass Communication departments Even on my Bangladesh trip in 2015, I visited Mass Communication department in Dhaka University I am at the Arts faculty of Dhaka University Mr Abdul Rahim Khan, a student of this university is going to show his university to me The structure behind me is called ‘Undefeatable Bengali’ This campus reminds me of my college days in Delhi University Now I am going to visit the Faculty of Mass communication, Chiang Mai University This seems to be an eating joint Here I go Reminds me of IIMC, New Delhi I was kidding 😉 Its 2 PM I am out of the Mass Communication department I visited all the classes & studios inside the building Let me share what do they teach here I am sharing this for those who are interested to know 1. Advertising & Public Relations, 2. Radio & Television, 3. Dramatic Arts, 4. Journalism, 5. New Media Now I will go somewhere else This is an Indian food restarant named ‘Accha’ Open from 10 am to 10/11 pm Nimmana Haeminda Rd, Lane 9, Near Starbucks You can come to this place to have Indian food in Chiang Mai 100 Baht for one Dal fry Aaloo Gobhi 140 Baht Shahi Paneer 160 Baht Raita 50 Baht Plain Roti 30 Baht Plain Naan 40 baht & Butter Naan 50 Baht Wow! You can speak in Hindi Where are you from ? Oh! You are from Burma (Myanmar) Is the owner of this restaurant an Indian ? He is from Dehradoon How many restaurants are there in Chiang Mai for Indian food ? THERE ARE MANY You are from Myanmar still how can you speak so perfectly in Hindi ? I AM FROM YANGON Do people in Yangon speak Hindi ? YES, FEW OF THEM I visited Tamu, the border town (India-Myanmar) Indians can enter Myanmar to visit Tamu without passport or visa Now I am going to visit the old city, Phra Singh Temple On my right side are the ruins of the walls of old city This used to be the boundary of old Chiang Mai city On my left is the inner part of the city Now I am inside the old city There are many Guesthouses and hotels here I can see a temple over there This place is less crowded unlike outside the walled city I have come here to rectify a problem I recharged my AIS number online for 99 bahts but instead of getting data pack I got talktime I have come here to approach the AIS office here This is Electronic plaza SIAM tv, open from 10 am to 8 pm I was just supposed to enter a code It was so easy after entering this code, by main balance has been deducted for 99 baht for 1GB internet data Thanks to AIS buddy 🙂 My bicycle trip is about to finish now. Will reach Frank’s place in sometime I could explore Chiang Mai the way I wanted to Its 5:30 pm I will go with Frank to visit Doi Suthep According to Frank, views of Sunset are beautiful from Doi Suthep Now I am going towards Doi Suthep from Chiang Mai The curvy road reminds me of Kalka-Shimla highway in India It is also broad and curvy like that highway Only difference is the quality of road is better here ACCHHA HAI Road quality is ‘Achha’ (Good) also the traffic and road sense among the road users is better here WEATHER IS COLD Though it is not that cold, I am just wearing a T-shirt Frank is trying to scare you Its almost 5:30 pm. I am bit late due to the city traffic Its better to visit Doi Suthep in evening. You get to see Sunset from here Also you get a panoramic view of Chiang Mai city from the top I don’t think there is another view point like this I recommend Doi Suthep to all tourists visiting Chiang Mai The Buddhist chants are very similar to the Vedic Mantras

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  1. Traveling change the thoughts and breaks the predetermined perceptions of person towards other countries and their people. Travelling is also helps in strengthen the bondage between two countries peoples. It helps in study the different cultural values, exchange of thoughts, information & ideas and much much many things

    you are really doing good job and your travel Video are changing my thoughts and predetermined perceptions created by media and misleading information.

    Your travel videos are really helping me to understand different different countries cultural value, social values, food culture, beliefs, climate conditions, public transportation network and it's condition and many more things

    Further it also helps me in understand helpfulness, kindness, trust, faith and suspiciousness by native peoples towards tourist as well as same things of other countries tourist towards other tourist

    I had almost seen your all Thai tour video and Thai people are really helpful & good people and my respect towards them has increased. They are really proving Sanskrit language sentence Atithi Devo Bhava (Means- Guest are God and we should serve them like God) 🙌💐🌷🙏🌷

    Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also insist people to do travel and tour and many times explain it's various benefits & impacts for tourist, native people, economical, cultural, social, human belifes, perceptions​ etc etc

  2. beautiful.. fantastic narration and vlogging.. I would like to get in touch with you soon to work with u.. plz provide me your email ID.

  3. Bro pls ho ske to combodia country ka bhi ek video bnao. with full visa, flight, money details.. tnq. I like ur all video

  4. Yet another example of marvellous vlogging. I'd been to Chiang Mai around 13 yrs back with my wife, lots of fond memories that I could relive courtesy of this beautiful video. Was Frank you're local host in Chiang Mai. Seemed to be a fun and enthusiast fellow. Good job!👍👍👍

  5. Hii i am krish. Please give me the information about which camera do you use while travelling and how do you hold camera while walking and even while cycling.

  6. I'm new to your channel and about a week before Subscribed your channel but seriously I think I'm edicted to your channel.
    Lagatar raat 11 bajey se abhi tak aapka videos dekh raha tha…
    Neend toh choriye mujhe pata bhi nhi chala ki subha ke 5:22 ho gaya hai.
    Aapka hardwork dekh kar salute karne ko jee cha raha hai…
    Thank you and keep exploring world. 🙂

  7. Your content is amazing! I just have a suggestion that you should number your videos so that we can easily view it. Keep up the amazing content! Best of luck!

  8. Mai bhi ek ghumakkad hu. Mujhe ye channel kafi accha laga vaise mai bihar se hu. Mujhe videsho ke bare me Jo kuch bhi details me Japan a tha vo mujhe apse janane ko mila mujhe umeed hai ki mai kabhi bhi kahi ghumne jau to apka ye experience mere bahut kam ane wala hai kyu ki mai kam budget me ghumne wala ladka hu to. Apne mujhe sare sawalo ka jawab video ke madhyam se diya…

  9. इतना तो बताया करे kaun से country में कौन सा sim card use करना चाहिए नेट पैक के लिए….

  10. Nowadays we have Media Sciences discipline here in Pakistani Universities instead of mass communication. Students are more inclined towards media sciences. Offcourse the pioneer and older universities have still mass comm departments as well. Whenever, you come here I will feel obliged to show you around universities and different campuses here.

  11. Sir, if I do a trip of Thailand , including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang mai and Attuya, what should be the total expenditure in Indian currency for two ?? what according to you should be the adequate number of days to explore properly these above mentioned places ?

  12. hello, varun bhaiya. m a regular visitor of ur channel. I had seen all ur videos several times.. one thing is best about ur videos is ur background music. in this video, u have use a tone @2:32 . plz use this tone more. its gives a very touch feeling towards travel

  13. Varun ji one of the best delhi youtuber I have came across on YouTube god bless you sir you are a very nice person

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  15. Really very beautiful channel on YouTube !! I also have my dream to visit around world but I am having satisfaction by ur uploaded visited videos… It's so good I have seen ur most of the videos… 👍👍👍

  16. Chiang mai is really a beautiful city I am in love with the city Anne Frank's house is absolutely beautiful I would love to live in such kind of house

  17. Bhai aapka sab videos 3 din se continue dekh raha hu bhut mza aa raha hai aapko Maine twitter whatsapp facebook sab pr flow kiya hai

  18. The video is awesome… The background music is too good. What album are you playing.. I watched all your episodes let it be Thai, Mauritius…You have changed lot many notions of mine about many countries Excellent job!!

  19. At 5:00 you say is it open wo haa keh raha he 3 bar phir bhi puch rahe ho haaaaaaaaaa or last me wo ladka bhi pagla hi gaya haa ki naaaaa

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