Choosing & Tuning a Snowboard : Choosing a Snowboard Leash

The next piece of equipment I’m going to be
talking to you about is what’s known as the leash. It could be as intricate as this one
shown here, or it could be just as simple as the shoelace from your boot. But basically,
what you want to do with it is you want to either put it through one of the factory provided
holes for you, or if there’s no hole like that, around this piece of the heel cup right
here, so it’s not interfering with any of the bindings functions. Once you have your
leash attached and found out which way that you ride; in this case, we’re setting the
board up for somebody who is regular, then you proceed through these following steps.
Locate the board pattern of the board that you’re mounting. This is a Burton board, so
it uses a three hole pattern, and find the correct disc for that binding. They either
have a three hole or four hole pattern to them, or in this case, it’s an integrated
plate system. Place it over the factory mounted holes. Line up the indicators and arrows to
their correct angles that you ride. Insert the correct number of hardware into the binding.
Tighten it all the way down so the binding isn’t slipping. And once all is said and done,
attach the leash to your front foot.

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