Coach Claude Julien press conference a day after 8-1 loss

When you look at the score yesterday and then you look at the scoring chances, it just doesn’t really make a lot of sense because it depends which stats you want to look at because some some companies, whether the shot is blocked by a defenceman or forward, for them as a scoring chance. We all do it differently. Yesterday, the chances were even. They
scored eight. We scored one. At the end they they had a few more A-grades than we did. A-grades are from in close. So that’s what sometimes
can be a little bit deceiving is that you look at that stuff…but as you’re
saying, the quality chances that we’re giving where it’s more about where we’re
caught out of position, totally caught out of position, or it’s puck management, where the poor puck management leads into a turnover and all of a sudden everybody’s
out of position and it ends up in the back of our net such was the case on the third goal.

2 thoughts on “Coach Claude Julien press conference a day after 8-1 loss”

  1. Claude would to trade for his former players Marchand and Pastrnak instead of his current Canadiens team getting pummeled by them.

  2. I'm not saying trade price. I love him. But he was never worth 10.5 million.. kinkaid plays a better game than price on a bad day..

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