Comment prendre un télésiège en Snowboard ?

Taking the chairlift happens in four stages… The waiting line,
the boarding, the chairlift, and after at the end, the descent.
Logical. What is important to know already in the queue, is that the material is expensive, it is good to take care and not to hit one others. In general, we are one foot off to stop and not slip. It’s good to put your foot behind the board that way you do not twist your knee with your foot in front. We arrive at the boarding, slide with the foot on the board “one foot” to the ​​synthetic grass area that will stop you. We wait quietly for the chairlift to come and take us. When it arrives, if we want to soften the chairlift, you can put the back arm and hold the seat. And we sit quietly … … that’s not bad … So on the chairlift, it depends on the periods, but sometimes it can be very tight on the seats with a charlift that is really full. So in this case what is good is to try to turn a little bit on the chairlift in order to keep the board straight. Because otherwise we quickly annoy everyone, and it’s a bit of a hassle… What is good is that regulars
stay right and goofys stays left so that we do not end up with the boards that intertwine no matter how. And then, after that is the preparation for
the arrival ! That’s it yeah, so that’s it you can put on, on the chairlift to go out with two feet. Otherwise, as a general rule, you are one foot, that’s what happens most often … So in this case, We prepare the exit, so we raise a bit the front of the board, we take the board off the footrest and then raise the front of the board a little. Someone raises the bar and then we go we’ll just put the Nose, the front of the
board on the flat. We put the foot back on the board and we let slip in looking straight ahead … It’s good to turn a little to be in the direction of the slope in order that when we get up, we
are directly one the board in the right direction. After we put the foot on the board. The best to handle it and not slips, is that your foot must be close to the bindings, shoulders well straight above the board. We can extend an arm to have more balance and we go straight like that, we do not bother nobody… After, two feet, nothing’s easier. We wake up
we slide, we know how to snowboard we are very good ! And then, do not stop yourself directly otherwise it will annoy people around.
We clear the exit area and after it’s the holidays in the mountains !
We appreciate the snow !

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