Conquering a 128ft Waterfall – Red Bull Chasing Waterfalls Veracruz

I’m Rafa Ortiz and I practice extreme kayaking. We are on our way to Tlapacoyan Veracruz, and we are going to what is known today as the new mecca of extreme kayaking. Where we are headed right now is like paradise, it’s like the Disneyland of waterfalls, I mean almost no other spot in the world has so many waterfalls in a single place. And whenever we go there we see that waterfall like a monster that stalks you, ready to have a duel with you. Why risk your life like this? Seriously, I mean, a waterfall like Big Banana, you can break your back and never be able to walk again in your life, but that moment when you turn back and see the waterfall, see the monster and then say to yourself there’s nothing else in life, I mean winning the lottery? I really don’t care. The only way to get there, to be up there in the waterfall, is by climbing it, normally you can get to a waterfall and analyze it by its side, but not this one. This waterfall, and the way you see it down from here, it runs down out of a canyon and the only way you can get out once you are inside it, is jumping.

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