Cost of Living in Bali 2018 – Canggu Digital Nomad Surf Travel Vlog

hello everybody its Shan and I am here
in Bali Indonesia in a town called Canggu and today I’m going to give you a
tour of our place here our house and also talk about cost of living in Bali
so just a giving idea of what our accommodations are like we live in a
four-bedroom guesthouse which is two stories and a guest house in Bali
also referred to as homestay is a separate building typically built by a
local family on the same compound that the family lives on so generally here a
family will own a pretty large plot of land and they’ll have their house and the
house of their grandparents etc they’ll have their homes on that plot of land
and then they’ll build extra guest houses which they rent to tourists so
that’s what we live in right now and we live in a 4-bedroom guest house and then
the house across the way is where the family lives and they also have
additional rooms in that house as well that they rent out to other people
so first I’m going to show you my favorite part of our place and that is
the balcony this is where we chill out a little patio area and then the pool
below and as you can see the view is super nice and that’s that other house
where family lives and you’ll see there’s a lot of
greenery around because it’s the rainy season so I’m a go ahead and take you inside our
room this is what our bedroom looks like there’s the bed which they make every
day and they actually clean the room every day those are our guitars there’s a TV
this is where I set up my laptop and do some work this is a little dresser
that’s where we keep our surfboards that’s the AC and that is like a really
large closet kind of just storage area and it’s actually quite big where we
keep all of our clothes and that’s the bathroom which has hot water and and
here is our bed again with a picture of a wave which for me makes a huge
difference I’m gonna take you in a tour of the
downstairs area this is a Ganesha statue which is right in front of the entrance
for you that know Ganesha is a Hindu god of wisdom I believe and I think it’s
really cool to see that first thing when you walk into the the guest house and so
this is the pool a really nice pool area with some lounge chairs and the other
two guest houses are downstairs and ours are upstairs over there and there’s a
little pathway here and a shower for after your surf session a little
bathroom as well and then this little blue house is a kitchen where you can
cook up some stuff if you need and there’s also free coffee and tea and
here’s a surfboard collection of the guy that owns a guesthouse so he’s a surfer
and a surf teacher and his family lives in this building but as I said earlier
they also rent out some rooms in this building as well to guests so my other favorite thing about this
place is its proximity to the beach it’s about thirty seconds to my favorite surf
break here in Canggu and that surf break is called old man’s and here’s my
motorbike and I’ll take you on the trip over there so as you can see there’s a lot of
construction going on right here we live in a part of Canggu where they’re
developing a lot of new buildings like hotels and stuff and this is the old
man’s surf break it’s not looking so great at the moment really windy but
it’s one of my favorite surf breaks around here probably my favorite surf break actually and Canggu and in the mornings when it’s really clean the
waves line up really nice and there’s no wind and that left hander goes on
forever this is a huge graffiti wall over here which is how you can tell you
just got to old mans okay guys so now that I’ve given you a
little tour of our place I’m gonna talk about cost of living in Bali here in
Canggu specifically and so that little guesthouse that I showed you that we
live in we pay eight point five million rupiah and that equates to about five
hundred and seventy eight dollars per month so this shared between me and my
girlfriend so it’s it’s fairly reasonable and for food we pay about
three hundred thousand rupiah per day is what the budget for it mmm-hmm and
sometimes we spend a little bit under that sometimes we spend over that but
basically that’s where we kind of try to we try not to spend over that typically
and that equates to about twenty dollars per day which is a lot for some people
but we do eat out pretty much every meal so you can definitely save a bit by
eating locally like eating at the small local restaurants they’re called warungs here or you can also eat that the street stands as well and you can save
quite a bit by doing that you can probably spend a hundred thousand a day
or under which is around seven eight bucks or so in US dollars so you can
save quite a bit by either going to supermarkets or eating locally our
scooter is nine hundred thousand rupiah per month which is about sixty one
dollars and the cost of gas is really small costs of gas probably about two
dollars per week so that’s really kind of a negligible expenditure so each of
us spends about nine hundred and fifty dollars per month to live here and you
can go a lot less than that if you would like to obviously get a much cheaper
place so there are some places around here that we were looking at for 2.5
million which is actually under two hundred US dollars but you will often
give up AC so no air conditioning and typically you
won’t have hot water either and you can also go cheap by moving further away
from the beach but because we both surf we like to be a pretty close proximity
to the beach so you can save quite a bit of money here just depending on how you
adjust your expenses if you found the video today helpful please do subscribe
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  2. Awesome, crazy cost of living in LA indeed. Thank goodness our PITI and utilities are just under $3k. Nowhere near as beautiful though, slave to the grind I am. So stoked to see your documenting the lifestyle. So cool, living in paradise for $1k. Are you controlling the drone behind the board on your outro?

  3. Wow a lovely video here Shan. How long have you stay in Bali ? I just found your channel & it’s really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your trip. Fun watching. I just subbed. If you are free, please visit my travel channel. Thanks

  4. Wow so insightful! Thank you so much. My boyfriend and I are a young couple planing to come to Bali in the next couple of months and people like you guys give is so much inspiration and guidance!!

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