Cottonball Purrtends: Scuba Diver | CBC Kids

Hi! Cottonball here in Studio K getting ready to play Purr-tend. Do you want to play with me? Fantastic! I feel like being a scuba diver! Let’s imagine we’re standing
at the edge of the ocean. [jangles] [gulls squawking] ♪ ♪ Purr-fect. Now if we’re gonna get in
the water to scuba dive, we have to make sure
we can breathe. What would we use
to breathe under water? [poof] That’s right! A snorkel. Alright. Oh, I’ll also
have to see under water. What do you think I should
use to see under water? [poof] That’s right, a scuba mask.
Let’s put it on. [slide whistle] Now let’s jump in! [splash] [bubbling] Oh wow, it’s beautiful. What do you think we will
see under water? [poof] That’s right. A fish. We can see lots
of fish under water. Hello, fisherinos! We should totally
splash like a fish. Ya! Ya! [screams] Oh. [slide whistle] [water splats] Let me guess. Purr-tending again? Mm-hmm. Hey Tony, do you want
to dive in with me? I would love to. [giggles] Okay. [poof] Oh wow, this
is really cool. Yeah. Oh. Fish. Fish. Hey look, Tony,
I’m a catfish. Nice one. [laughs] Catfish. Catfish.

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