good morning everyone welcome to
Brussels now the last time you would have seen me would have been in Berlin
so a couple of things has happened since then. I have, well obviously, made my
way to Brussels and basically I’ve just been chilling out for a couple of days
now been hanging out at my couchsurfing hosts place same place as last year
and just having fun the only thing I’ve done so far really is actually like a
little flashback to the first vlog I went to this coffee place that I was
raving about and I went out there again to kind of check it out and see if it
really was as good as I was claiming it to be last time, and I mean memories do
do always tend to be better the first time than the second time but it was a
pretty decent coffee and but yeah I’m going to meet up with another couchsurfer today they got this hangout feature that I tried out in Berlin that was how
I met a Goði and yeah join me on today’s little adventure in this not
beautiful weather exactly but I mean you sometimes you just got to do the best of
what you have we are at the gala pol right beside the
ground class and I am hanging out with a couple of couch surfers from Romania one
local from Brussels as well all right now we’re just kind of chilling around
in the gallery and having it look there’s still the cat surfaces so yeah
we’re just doing another hangout same one as I was doing in Britain and right
now we’re just kind of walking around and seeing what there is to do all right
so we’re just a lunch which was a real nice lunch I had a pizza and coke and
just overall like a really nice conversation anyway we’re now done and
we’re headed out to new place and into the friend of one of the car surfers
there was doing something anyway imagine it should be a lot of fun and that I’m
going to try to make sure date up the Julian cafe grab a beer later on and
then tonight we got of course the beer tasting of supposed to one of the best
fish in the world so yeah Belgium isn’t over yet still lots of fun to come so
see you guys later is Oh all right as you can see I got the
Justice cells behind me so we’ve been kind of walking around the Justice house
they’re down below which is like an amazing spot that it’s kind of got the
same vibe sensitive like the sacre-coeur area in Paris but anyway we had a beer
met another person which was a friend of the people I was hanging out with so
yeah honestly it’s been like real chill just walking around checking out stuff I
mean you guys will have already seen the justice styles there once but through a
nice building I really enjoy it and I mean as well not just that but I mean
look at this view behind me it’s it’s not the best one I’ve seen but I mean
surely decent if I get to say it by myself so yeah we’re going to continue
exploring and having fun I’m not sure if I will make it to the Delirium left or
if I will make it to there’s a couple of churches up in wanting to hit up as well
but I think I’m just going to have to realize that time is limited and there
simply wasn’t enough time this time either but I mean for sure that I’m
going to come back to Brussels sometime again more so again for visiting my
couchsurfing host but yeah I feel like this day is kind of starting to get up
on something like a bridge and like starting to calm down a little bit but
it’s not to pace down and like we’re pretty much entering the third act the
final rushes and yeah ten will tell we’ll see what happens I’ll take it from
there good evening everyone I’ve had a great
evening and I know I haven’t been making a video so far for the last couple of
hours anyway it’s been an amazing night I finally get got to have my let’s play
to them and I mean what an incredible there how incredibly smooth is that
thing is is just amazing however all good things must come to an end and so
most also nice day in Brussels I’ve had an amazing time here I’m sure I will be
back because I just will love it here so it’s time for me to go to sleep so see
you guys tomorrow stop the tape so instead of actually
showing what I feel next I thought I’d just kind of explain what’s going on
because the old narrative isn’t making sense and even I am struggling to keep
up with what’s happening and what’s not happening cuz I honestly didn’t show
enough talking so let me kind of elaborate on what’s going on basically
the day started out with me going to the comp last meetup away the first guy a
couch surfer with a new hangouts feature which I’ll already talked about and two
girls as well then we went and had lunch the guy left and we went up to the
justice palace that was only with me and the two girls then we went and met up
with a friend of theirs in a cafe kind of thing and then the guy I’m sorry came
back to us and joined us and whether look around the justice palace and then
we kind of just went for a stroll and then we said goodbye then I went back
home to my couchsurfing host I enjoyed the best flater and the Trappist beer
which is an incredible bit then I kind of slept and then my house couchsurfing
host was nice enough to drive me to the seventh M portals Airport which I took
is an airplane town to look at a play Airport so that’s kind of what’s going
on and so then actually the whole talking thing afterwards isn’t really
making sense either but the thing is I am traveling and so obviously I have a
lot of stuff I want to show you guys and I also have a lot of stuff I want to
tell you guys normally I would have just skipped the vlog I would have thrown it
in the bin this time I’m traveling so this time it’s important to get it out
and so that’s why I’m kind of explaining what I’m doing so it kind of makes sense
in some kind of way for the next day I’m super inactive as well so actually
what’s Justin is this I’ll surely cut scenes from the airplane which you guys
will probably enjoy we’ll get some music going as well and then after that
I’ll just end the vlog right here and say thank you guys for watching I hope
you guys enjoyed the vlog even though the narrative didn’t make sense and I
hope you enjoy the final cutscenes bye No Oh


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