Couchsurfing around the World – Colombian girls in Bogota Vlog

34? 24 i think it’s here? [street names in Colombia are in numbers ] cuz here its 25 26 there no help? no I go well, it’s good cuz its the capital, there’s a lot of cultural centers, museums, concerts but the city will be organized better soon, theres a unity that has the metro here in colombia it’s Medellín more nice more not serious city (correct my translations if i fck up) his shirt says Toronto I come from Canada why ur shirt says Toronto? the boss of the company, he studies in Canada, it’s the company name here lots of security its cuz its capital? how are u good come lots of security here eh i believe its cuz its the capital ya drop that bag, its tiring [talking about my plan changes of not going to Venezuela] I plan it’s…ugh My original plan was Colombia then Venezula but now I believe its more safe the other direction: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil passing, then I go to Brazil, center, I dunno what city/border. [it’s Assis Brazil in Acre] it’s close to Western Brazil [Acre] then I hitch Brazil. no plan no accent, it’s easy [here] in Mexico there are a lot of dialects drrrrrrrrrr, dont understand, in Monterrey for example its strrrrrong in other countries, like Costa Rica it’s difficult to understand [Mae] Equally, in Panama, don’t understand, it’s fast very fast want juice you want me to help you travelled here in my house… is there a toilet here? left, look left Thanks! bye! the Colombian bye careful

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  1. Colombia is safe .. And we have a good infracstructure the bad shit about this country is the goverment .. But Colombia is beautiful ! .. You lose Santa Marta !! And Cartagena 🙁

  2. I just want to on record and say THANK YOU for the subtitles. I've added captions to videos before and I know how much of a pain in the ass it is.

  3. i wouldnt mind couch surfing with that girl either, she was very cute. I love Columbiana woman, arguably the most gorgeous of all Latin American countries. Viva la Columbia!!!

  4. What the guy at 4:20 said is that Bogotá is good and everything but Medellín is more organized and is the only city with metro train in Colombia

  5. Why in the world are you pronouncing Bogotá like that? I think even the average English speaker would say it correctly.
    But, anyways. Hitchhiking that far is quite an adventure and feat.

  6. HAHA k9 units are counter terrorism and explosives detection units not for drugs FYI personal dose drugs not to be intended for sale but only personal use are legal so no cop is gonna make his dog smell you for drugs… BTW please avoid that bullshit, yes everybody knows the Colombian drug issue but we as Colombians paid a very high price to actually fight it so every time a stupid gringo calls it as a stupid joke is actually joking on 250.000 dead Colombian people, we dont go to canada to make fun of your passed away people so dont do that when on my country.

  7. This kid has no idea how to even pronounce the name of the capital yet he rushes up to say the cocaine is awesome. I can perfectly see now why you came over in the first place. All these wannabe travellers pretending they actually care about culture and stuff when the clear reason why you all visit is to do to drugs and shag girls. Bravo!

  8. damb, its people like this that give gringos a bad name…. Im hoping not to give off the impression that im there to fuck young underprivileged girls or to partake in any of he negative shit that takes place there… I'm genuinely interested in meeting real people and enjoy a cheap organic diet that im praying is the key to why i have cancer…. must admit im scared to death not being able to speak spanish while travelling alone.
    so hopefully in a few months I'll have my own YouTube vids of Columbia.

  9. What an ignorant. So many things that you said on this video were very insulting. I hope that you realize that.

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