Couchsurfing, cooking with guests, episode 1: Peruvian food

Alright guys we’re here with Mito
making some food and where are you from? Peru. Hello everyone. yes. and what’s the name of the
meal we’re making? Tonight we are preparing something called Estofado de Pollo Pollo means chicken and estofado is.. I don`t know how to say, but it`s kind of like some sauce alright and this is a very ehh.. simple and easy dish from my country it`s a good thing to start with Peruvian food I would say to introduce it. we have a lot of crazy stuff also for this we use a lot of tomatoes and carrots right, and then we have. green peas we have chicken here we have some laurel leafs so Mito
and you crying from the onion cutting? surprisingly it’s not making me cry I was
suspecting what time I’m going to cry for it perhaps it`s the Norwegian onion maybe How long have you been traveling
now? it has been two years and four months wow and what you like best about Oslo? I like I would say the icy streets. I like the slippery streets I guess today I fell, maybe like twice and it was funny fortunately I didn`t hit so hard Those things never happen in my city, so I think I like that it never snow in Lima, or? never so now we are soon ready to start cooking we have chopped up a lot of vegetables so, this is garlic, with onions and then I put some pepper and then we have to wait until it mixes a little and until the onions get a little transparent it`s starting to smell good smells good right, let`s taste Peruvian food it’s very good, very tasty

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  1. I love your content. I love how people from different backgrounds are coming back together, it reminds me that we are all human beings and we’re just like brothers and sisters.

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