Couchsurfing experience (Vietsub)

hi everybody this is Maya one of our cows of her guests and keeping travellingtans much right yeah so yeah tell me tweet by yourself at your journey hello my name is smile I’ve been away from my home country Australia’s in 2014 I was in Korea for three years and then I started traveling a mom and then back to Australia for two weeks and then to Thailand for one month and now I’m really been in Vietnam prior to the month and what is the best buy about Calvin that you have experience being able to just hang out of locals so in benicia I spend the day maybe 28 out of 30 days or something uh-huh so I just found our fumbles I didn’t speak to any other question her in 17 days out pretty good resting l two people engrossing to rather hang out with other locals just being the protective of being announcement cool and would you host it when you come back to Australia but yeah Marty pops it in before so was it your view album a host would you encourage young people to host add to serve uh yeah be smart about it everything everything aboveboard actually you want to come on with references someone doesn’t little weird no baby great mom their sexuality of 50 yes I’m not sure that’s not somebody who take you out weekly like that hot weather like yeah people take you out they want to wait to make you wake up and am to Tokyo okay I’m anything else that you will I say if you want actually

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