COUCHSURFING FOR GIRLS!! My experience with a Female Couchsurfer in Turkey

I am trying to find my host My first village visit in Turkey This is a restaurant in Tekirdag She is Denis Its 9:30 pm Its 9:50 This is Tekirdag My request on Couchsurfing got accepted, so I came here While checking about this place on internet this is a small town I usually prefer such places they give you the actual feel of the culture Also, this is located in Trakya, an offbeat place for tourism I find this place quite beautiful This is the sea coast called Marmara This looks like a runway Today is Monday Everyone is going to their workplace there are the local buses This is how the daily life is! I am happy to see that everyone is going to work whereas I am on a vacation I am travelling I am going to get some information from this centre I also have to edit a video which is going to be published on Wednesday I am quite worried about it I am going to sit somewhere and do the editing I have to find a charging point This seems to be useful I was there at the Tourist Information center for a long time Was editing the video its 12 pm now Now I will sit here and do the rest of the editing Good place to relax Less tourists visit Tekirdag Youll like it if you come here There are a few hills over there People do paragliding and para sailing I am also going to visit there with my host its 4:30 pm I just kept editing the video for the whole day 1 video is almost ready now But still not completed As of now I am waiting for my host My first village visit in Turkey This is Uckakdere This is an ordinary village of this country This lies in the region of Thrace (Trakya in Turkish) It is like Himachal Pradesh in India Although HP is a state but Trakya is a region This is quite unexplored Usually people visit… and leave Turkey But Trakya remains untouched This house reminds me of houses in mountains in Himachal and Uttarakhand in India Mountains are almost same everywhere People from mountains are almost similar villages share a lot of commons all over the world People from Mountains are usually simple and well natured I wish I could have got an opportunity to stay in such a house I ate Gozleme in Camlica, Istanbul Let me show you this This looks unique part of the local culture This is Ayran, looks like our Lassi or Chas made up of Yoghurt This is Gozleme made up of cheese and potato paid 20 liras We both had 2-2 Gozleme and 1 cup of Ayran cost 20 Lira. around 220 INR You have to step out of Istanbul to visit such place You can catch a local bus from Tekirdag to visit Ucmakdere Then after getting down somewhere over there on the road… you have to walk to reach this place or do couchsurfing I am not sure there is any CouchSurfer in Ucmakdere! You can also stay in hotels in Tekirdag You can also get guides you can also rent a car or bike I love mountains but if you get to see the sea with mountains what can be better than that! whether is good around 25 degree celcius People do Paragliding from the top of the hill You can also do in Ucmakdere Though Fethiye is famous for Paragliding in Turkey its 12 pm. 4th September 2018 I am not going to leave Tekirdag I have already got a host in my next place called Gallipoli (Galibolu in Turkish) Whenever I send requests to people from small towns… unlike Istanbul, Bangkok, New York . or Delhi chances of getting a host in small places are more than the big metro citles Same happened with me here in Tekirdag Although I have noticed a thing People start sending friendship request and random messages to my hosts my female hosts from Vienna, Omaha … reported this to me This is not good They don’t like such things now let me introduce her There are lot of female travellers using Couchsurfing Viewers ask me – Is it safe to stay with some stranger by using Couchsurfing! If you watch my old videos you’ll get the answer What safety precaution should we take before doing couchsurfing! I have shared tips on such issues in those videos Lets ask her about the safety measures for a female traveller! Check the references on couchsurfing Do check the references Couchsurfing gives you a good platform to travellers I could visit Uckamdere just because I did couchsurfing I am going to share these things again for those… who have joined this channel recently References are written by my hosts are my guests They write about me – How was their Couchsurfing experience with me! I also do the same for them How was my stay with the host Did I face any problem? Or Did she face any problem because of me! She can write a negative reference if she has a bad experience with me So that my future guests become aware of this before accepting my request So References are like Reviews My riview Her Review This will help you to decide whether you should host me or not or you should send me a request Before sending a request you can also check their Facebook profile This will help you I wish girls from my country also travel the world without fear as girls from western countries do you just have to be careful I will be more than happy if you feel encouraged after watching this video or if you start travelling solo In the coming videos, I will keep introducing you with such hosts Now we have to leave She has to go to work I have to reach Gallipoli Yes, I am going to hitchhike today This is a beautiful place I should talk to you or should keep capture the scenery ! But because we were talking on an imporant issue Many of my hosts told me that they got many unwanted requests and messages Let me clear it Couchsurfing is not Tinder CouchSurfing is not a dating platform Please keep your intentions clear I hope the message is loud and clear now enjoy the vistas 🙂 I have reached the point where I am going to start hitchhiking There is also a mini-market at this fuel station I am short of words This is the first fuel station of my hitchhiking trip I have to go to toilet Is that a washroom! You have to pay 1 Lira to use the washroom I have kept my bag here Now going to ask people My host wrote some important phrases in Turkish which may help me i am going to use them to talk with the people Here I am not feeling bad even after getting refusals

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    Varun bhai pta hai kya….I stuck somewhere in life wo khte hain nah grari atki pdi hai…M 23 and I always wanted to travel but koe nah koe cheez mujhe rok leti thi…from past 1 and a half year i m preparing for banking examination 1 bar mains mai 3 no. Se rha ek baar interview out…mujhe lgta tha ki meri kismat khrab hai…aise hi travel videos dekhta rhta tha mai Youtube pe then i found you and bus phir kya tha mujhe to aisa lga jaise this is me….? kyu ki saara dhyan to mera usmain hi atka rhta tha…hmesha man krta tha ki bus bhaag chootu nhi pdna…mai nhi kr skta naukri….aaj jb aapne 14:35 pe kha nah "ki accha lgega agar aapki himmat bdegi" mai sach bta rha hoo ek dum se rona aa gya….aap sirf himmat nhi bdha rhe ho varun bhai aap ek insaam ko roz majboor kr rhe ho usk sapne ko jeene k lie…."
    Meri kismat khrab nhi hai varun bhai bhot strong feeling aati hai ki yeh destiny khi aur le jane mai hain mujhe….
    Sb aapko khte hai…aap se milna hai milna hai i promise you one day and soon I'll surely become a traveller aur phir aapse mil k thanks khunga…

    We really love you and prey for your health wealth and may all your dreams come true…???

  2. advice for video
    jaha bhi aap jate hai wHa ki society culture or kon si vehicle use hote hai vehicle speed limit
    waha ke log kaise hai inko bhi include karoge video or bhi informative ho jayega

  3. आप कभी कभी हरयाणवी कैसे बोल लेते है , इसका क्या राज है ?

  4. Varun bhai I can’t afford to trevel world then I joined you and experiencing world through your camera….thanks Varun bhai

  5. hey varun.. i feel your experience while trying to hitchhike.. i tried that alone in Japan, and it took me 1.5 hrs or more, and so many refusals, but i did get a couple of rides to reach my destination.. But it is so much fun, it is very difficult to explain to people who havent done it.. Thanks man, your video reminded me of my happy memories.. Good luck…

  6. How do you get so much time to travel to so many different countries and enjoy life travelling. And from where do you get so much money to travel…what is your profession ?…btw all your videos are very adventurous, refreshing and relaxing to watch

  7. Q harami teku masjid batayi usne to dekhi ni gayi na teri auqat b nahi dekhne ki tu sirf cow ka peshab p

  8. Dear Varun, How much u spend on travel ?, can we earn from posting video on YuoTube off ur travel blog. Kindly suggest me and want to know how can I start my trip and travel blog. Waiting for your response.

  9. Jai shree Ram bhai
    वन्दे मातरम् ,भारत माता की जय

  10. yaar, I appreciate you are a gentleman…but don't beg for drop in front of foreigners…. As an Indian, I feel insulted….

  11. A introvert person like me will die on petrol station LOL – i am super uncomfortable to travel with some unknown

  12. watching your travel videos is better than watching anything on tv or other commercial channels. Totally i dwell into your videos when i watch like i am there with you bcz of your down to earth behaviour, good travel insights and real information, genuine talk, upto mark and much better video editing skills. Superb!! Keep traveling, keep inspiring.

  13. सर आप हिंदुस्तानियों को दुनिया का दोस्त बना रहे हैं।

  14. Best thing ye h ki aap hindi me video bnate ho, jisko har indian samajhta h.

    Aap fake nhi ho.

    Mast insaan ho, hamesha aise hi rahna.

  15. ladki do bar gale mili Bhai bataoge kya….wah maje hai tmhare….Bhai Kabhi israil trip banao..or Africa Ka b

  16. Bhai tu video aise banata jaise logo ko lege ki iss taarah ghumna free hai ..bhai kitne paise kar ch kiye ye bata logo ko ….dunia dekhne ke liye kafi paise chahiye matlab tere pass kafi paise hai …phir tu you tube kya kar rha hai ….aur sare indians jo india se bahar jate hai wo brown skin kyun hote ….matlab india me itne gore ladke bhi hote hai …

  17. The restaurant near tourist information centre is the one where ASK LAFTAN ANLAMAZ (famous turkish romantic drama) was shot i believe.. 2 to 3 scenes.

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