CouchSurfing (Get Inspired Video Contest for Couch Surfing) MY Experience!

tired traveling alone with no place to
stay? are you sick and tired of finding a
place to sleep? is this you with no place to stay and no friends travel with? would you like to experience meeting
people around the world? so stop… with couch surfing you don’t have to
do this anymore or this …or this but don’t take our word for it When I was 18 I didn’t know who I was. I had no self-esteem, no self-respect, and then I found couchsurfing It changed my life I mean…look at me now! It works for me and i promise it can work for you I was 27 and friendless and couchsurfing FOUND ME! Why hello there! You know when I first heard of couchsurfing I was what they would call a skeptic, then I got thinking about all the great places I wanted to check out you know some people might wonder… Don’t you miss your wife a little bit? Yeah, a little. definitely not miss the “monster-in-law” … I mean mother-in-law you know I think I might have to make this my new lifestyle. You’ve been thinking about couchsurfing… You may think its just a place to sleep… No No No! It is SO much more! let me tell you how couchsurfing has helped me. Great places to stay while I travel Saved a lot of money Met amazing people and I’ve just had the best time ever! It can work for you! You see…couchsurfing is much more than just a
place to sleep it’s an experience So stop passing up this opportunity and don’t “flush” away your dreams. Go to to spend the night on a new friend’s couch.

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