[Couchsurfing Interview] One concept to humanity: love

Hello. Yeah bonsoir. Come a little closer I got ya. He does his best to not answer the questions! What action in your li…. that’s a good question dude! Question one. Who are you? My given name is Nick. Music is my passion. I’m Jake and I am also from Boston area from
Medford Massachusetts and I’m right now studying in San Sebastian in Spain I love to ride my bike everywhere I brought my bike with me to Europe and
right now I’m just floating around and I happened to be in Paris staying with
Antoine. Okay what action in your life will have the longest consequences? I honestly think bringing my bike with me like has been one of the best decisions
I have made in my entire life. I don’t know I don’t have a good answer cuz I
don’t really think in the long term I’m like living right now it were in Paris
today I’m not really thinking about much further than next week at the latest
yeah What bad habits do you want to break?
Man. I could talk about this for a long time. I have like just a lot of doubts
about myself like that aren’t necessary. And so that’s like that’s probably the
biggest thing right now then I’m working on. What was the worst in Paris? We almost got arrested. We were smoking, by the Eiffel Tower. And cops just, just came on bike. Beside from that, honestly this is a beautiful city. Everything about it has just been artistic.
The buildings are architecturally beautiful and architecture is beautiful, the
river, winds through the entire city those trees, there is art everywhere, the
people are interesting. Is suffering a necessary part of the human condition? I think suffering is what makes us human. Being alive is suffering. Do you like your job?
What is your job? I had like 13 jobs over the summer where I was working. I get free vegetables in exchange for working on a farm. A movie you’d like to share?
The movie “What’s up Doc?” from the 70s. Good movie. What is your ideal physical look?
For myself? I mean obviously like the six-pack abs and like you know, like not, not too big If you could teach everyone in the world one concept what would it be? Love. One love. Love If you could retire next week what would you do? I would make music. I’d go on walks.
I’d travel everywhere. Similar to what I’m doing now but I wouldn’t have to work a stupid job
in between What does it mean to live a good life? I’m gonna give the same
answer as the other one: love Ugly and live forever or very attractive in
died in five years? Very attractive and die in five years! Let’s see if you have an answer for this one. Where will you be in ten years? I have absolutely no idea. What harsh truth do you prefer to ignore? The fact that the world is ending. I don’t want to think about that but that’s the truth. What do you do to stay healthy when you travel? Walk around a lot. Try to keep my diet
healthy. What’s the best compliment you’ve received? The other day my mom
told me that I’m wise and that she’s happy for me to be her son and touch my
heart. What is the last picture you took with your phone? It’s kind of cool. From an anthropology perspective it’s kind of weird. Can you swear. SACRE BLEU! I can swear in Haitian Creole. Haitian kis who grew up near told us. What is your ideal home?
I don’t really know where but a place that has a lot of green and trees around
it. What are you passionate passionate about Jake? Everything. Life. It’s hard to be passionate about everything. I’m thinking about the art that my
parents do. That’s my parents but they pass that on me. Show an object from your luggage. This is a fanny pack
I got it out a little goodwill. My mom used it once. Do you have any tribal tips? Sneak into… if there’s if it’s like a
palace or any type of like historic heritage site. Sneak in through the
back door or the woods and pay by picking up trash. Do not do it. Disclaimer though: you can get arrested. I pay by picking up trash. What should be the goal of humanity? Save the planet. That’s scary. That’s the last question. How do you think that you’ll die? I’m gonna say I’m gonna die in my sleep an old man. Who’s not really very sick but just is done living and then I just die. I think either clamite change, nuclear war or I’m gonna fall off my bike as I’m biking down the mountain like crack my
head open or something. Realistically those are the two most
plausible outcomes.

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