CouchSurfing Milano Xmas Wishes 2011

What do you think that Santa “Maurizio” Claus will bring you for Christmas? So much happiness, much love, and some girls. The awakening. Really, I would like the awakening. Love that I have always been waiting. And that finally, Francesco Posa, will reach his goals. This is, to find a wife, and make her happy. A trip to Japan. Where is Takashi? I don’t need money. I need freedom. I don’t want nothing. One Cicchi. Alive of dead? Alive, that keep me company. And that he gives you hot during night? No, no! Drugs, many drugs. What kind of drugs? All kind of drugs, hashish, ecstasy, viagra .. I want one vibrator! One vibrator! Money, money, money! Hi, what is your name? Valerio. How old are you? Five. A lot of money. It is never enough! Do you know that a polish girl, called Kasia, told me that she wants a vibrator. Really? Much money it is needed for that… One TV’s furniture. Nice! Furniture for the living room. One ticket to India. One way, I hope. Yes, yes! Hi! What is your name? Sto cazzo What do you want from Santa Claus? Sto cazzo. What do you most like about life? Posello. Why Jose isn’t your boyfriend? Because ..sto cazzo. Thanks. Sto cazzo! One way trip to sea, hot, sun. One sloth, one dromedary…. Dry or wet? Damp. Christmas is nuisance. I think he can bring many door jambs on teeth. Because dentists are very expensive. I don’t have desires. Many things. For instance? I can’t tell it… I want a lettone. Chocolate. New events on Milan group. Extraordinary friendship. A pig’s farm.. It could be a good investment. This is a good idea. A sheep’s farm. Here, we are full of pigs, so if you want… Are you a pig as well? No, I am a platypus.

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