Couchsurfing; Swamiji Kapri in Ghent

overall travailed Kenyatta’s legiere aishite minster momentum on the sofa the slabber Dyson swarm of old days is over be stronger a battle on sagasta so nestle is a healing laundry in all the settles and latter’s a tour the house family obsolete down Namath I am Sam eg Capri from India I’m on a tour of Europe and I’m here in Kent today we had a bigger place in Rishikesh where I should teach yoga and some young people who had come to learn yoga it was easier from Belgium who inspired me on this adventure namaste feeling better this is greater hi our host a wonderful host in Ghent and this is my wife Patty – Sarah McCarrick Amrita this is the way to my wife and she is preparing some Indian breakfast for us they’re slightly apprehensive then he started particularly my wife and my sons were tekwar advising against us but it has been such a pleasant experience we normally appraised so shall we do that fair I said yes oh no power to say no panic to sahabi young garaje I think our service not just saving some money it is enriching your lives it is good Wow you have an in just second hand you know the Indians are not very particularly by using second end things you know they’re sort of somehow they want fresh food yeah everything new okay but I think this is wonderful in this age meant not only people by use and throw but people buy and throw this is a wonderful concept another thing everything gets recycled and we’re you life yes support price 25 cent it’s unbelievable that you can buy this you el you carry time turistic places are important but one has I think in life there where more today I am more interested in people and couchsurfing is providing that opportunity sort of piercing through the mask of people in the end but nobody is pretending they are coming through okay that’s my favorite stop they go inside extreme so dissonant door under the dolly be a positive experience and mother doing liova conversaciones just a faint take it yeah but they still obliphica Vestals and he kept and Leah get the three much easier than black a second interest flowers so much in how do we how we say blue who in in slang what seems like that will be had a very good afternoon Devon I learned how to say again yes not get know how hot yeah hell yeah it seems we know for fun together from eternity here I cannot explain it you can money feel it and thank you get it done thank you to religion

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  1. I just see your post here, collegue… Thank you for this fantastic video about my dear friend Swamiji & the link to my worldtrip website 🙂 Cheers, Didier

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