Couchsurfing USA | Culture, Hospitality, Farmer’s Market, Village roads & SUNNY DEOL!!

It’s 4:40 PM right now. And now he’s leaving. It’s 10 PM now. I couldn’t get a lift so far. Big thanks to Couchsurfing and all it’s members! I’ve found a place for tonight. It’s 11:30 PM and I have arrived at this home. This home belongs to my host. Finally, before finishing my USA Trip, I’m using Couchsurfing. It’s 9:15 AM. Right now I’m in Omaha. I’m leaving from here. Had arrived here last night and spent the night in my host’s place. This was my second experience with Couchsurfing in the USA. First in Boston, second here. Chris lives with her sister here. Chris is still a student. Sociology, women and gender studies. Pretty interesting! I met a person in Vienna, he was also studying something similar. I told this to her last night. We were talking for hours. This is a Farmer’s Market. It is something similar to the weekly markets that are held back in India. These Famer’s Markets are held in a lot of places in the USA, on Saturdays. Everyone is putting these tags with names. This is a group so people don’t recognize each other. Have met each other just now. Let me introduce you to them. I had passed via Kansas. Can’t sit there. This group is here because of Couchsurfing. People are from different places. Chris will drop me at the truck stop. Then she’ll head towards her office. Thank you Chris for the amazing hospitality! It was a pleasure meeting you, your sister and mother! Met a lot of other couchsurfers. All thanks to you! This is a TV room, also called Driver’s Lounge. There is nothing to do here. From the past 5 to 6 days, since the time I’ve been travelling in trucks, this has become my home. I’ve reached a saturation point by living in such places. Just want to get out. If Lakhveer arrives here, he will leave me at Indianapolis. From Indianapolis, Nagra will drop me in New York. Will do some sightseeing there. Have to show you all some things. From there I will head back to Boston, then India. One thing I can say for sure, hitchhiking is difficult in the United States. I lost a lot of time due to waiting for lifts. While travelling in other countries, I didn’t realize that I was losing time in any way. The gentleman is from Somalia. The first time, I heard somebody speak about actors other than Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. This gentleman from Somalia is watching an Indian film named Aiyaary in the United States. Amazing isn’t it? And you must have understood, whom I’m talking about. Something happened on the television. His attention got diverted! Lakhveer called me and he’s standing outside. I think it’s that truck on which it’s written, Jaiswal. I’ll introduce him to you all. You’ve been a great help! All this has been made possible because of Preetsingh Ji. He’s an Indian and also a Punjabi. I got in touch with him because of my videos. Benefit of being an Indian. It’s 5 PM and we’ve started with our journey! And now I’m heading back! Such big farms! Railway crossing in the front. When I travel from Pathankot to Jalandhar, the former National Highway A1, has farms on both the sides and there is also a railway line running along. It looks a lot like this. Weird station names in between.

100 thoughts on “Couchsurfing USA | Culture, Hospitality, Farmer’s Market, Village roads & SUNNY DEOL!!”

  1. Hi Varun…. I am big fan of yours…. & a big coincidence is I live near kukkar pind… The one lakhveer g has mentioned 😂😂

  2. I feel I have already visited USA…it's so breezy watching your videos..feels so connected..thanks take care of your health as your journey is so adventurous

  3. I used to work for the distribution center in La Verne, Tennessee, we deliver products to the TA (Travel Centers of America) truck stops. Great video sir.

  4. It's the day when Mohamed Salah was gifted a injury by the cruel but 1 of the Ex. best defender of the football named Sergio Ramos.

  5. Bro ek baat bolna h.. Aapka video bhot Acha h but mai video log ek k baat ek dekh nhi pata.. Aap no. Dal diya kro.. Smjh aayga ki iske baat aage video ye h.. Warna bhot prlm hota h khojne..

  6. Tum Hindi mein bolte hai maximum time, wo sabse nice lagta hai, ,, nice blog👍👍👍Russia is best for travelling and truly USA is difficult one, all said and it also true

  7. मुझे आपकी वीडियो बहुत ज्यादा पसंद है😍😍 मुझे भी घूमना बहुत पसंद हैं सर् जिन्दंगी में एक बार आप से मिलना चाहता हूँ🙄🙄 क्या पता कब मौका मिले।। आप बहुत अच्छे इंसान हो😍😍 राजस्थान से आपका एक यूटूबर फैन😊

  8. Your videos are great i dont know how msny times i visit repeatedly. Pls make videos and visit Germany if possible.
    Thank you

  9. Movie in a Life…
    Or Life in a Movie.!
    Just amazing,all the videos put together can be a great universal movie

  10. Sir jalandhar sunke bdha acha lga aapke muh se apki series dekh rha hu pichle kuch dino se you are good inspiration so that young generation can learn some how to travel and enjoy every moment 😊

  11. Aapko cruise ships me ja kar ghumna chahiye like MSC,Carnival,Royal Carribean etc. Uska experience kuch alag hai so you can also try that too…

  12. Hello Varun,
    You visited the place that is most dear to my heart, Omaha, Nebraska.. I went to the University of Nebraska Medical Center located there and completed my PhD program from the College of Public Health. I now live in California. Great to see Omaha from your lenses! You make great videos and they are watchable compared to others and absolutely like you accent of Hindi. Keep making such brilliant videos.
    I would like you to give you an advice from my understanding developed after living in the in a western country for more than a decade. Please give your generous hosts or helpers something more than thanks and smile. It doesn't have to be expensive gift but at least buy them a lunch or give them some type of gift, may be from India that you could carry. Seems like the generosity is going only one way which may be okay with Indian culture but typically western people may expect more than mere thanks. They are too polite to say that on your face. I understand hitchhiking etc demands to be frugal and its okay but show some generosity from your end too and don't think it will compromise your hitchhiking lifestyle.

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