Hey everybody! Three sisters are here again! Today we gonna tell you about Couchsurfing! What is this excatly and how we do use it in our trips. Couchsurfing is an online website which travellers use all over the world The idea of couchsurfing is to find free lodging and nice company in other words local people who will show their Reykjavik “Their Reykjavik” was mentioned on purpose by Valya the thing is in 2000 one traveller bought cheap tickets to Reykjavik but he had no money left for lodging and then he sent messages to students asking them to show their city So that is how all couchsurfing idea started and so far couchsurfing is very popular among travellers all over the world to become a participant of Couchsurfing you just need to sign up for free and to create your profile where you describe yourself and what countries you wanna visit and where you have already been so called references will help you to find safe and good host We are constantly using couchsurfing in our trips We really like the idea of couchsurfing cause it gives us the opportunity to meet new people to know more about their cultures and traditions and to see the city without any travel guides We started using couchsurfing about 3 years ago In America, Turkey and all over Europe until now we were couchsurfers it means we were looking for free lodging and nice company when we don´t travel we also use couchsurfing we are couchhosters about couchhosting we will tell you in our next video Join us and thank you for attention! See you and bye bye!

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  1. Девочки, очень интересно! Жду больше новых видео:)

  2. субтитры нужны, для большей заинтересованности аудитории (Роман Н.)

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