Craft Center : Surfboard Shaping

[ Music ]>>My name is Wyatt Levy. I am a surf board shaping instructor here at the
Craft Center, and today we’re working on rails. To be involved with this class, no
one really needs any prior experience. I’ve had people come in here that have zero
shaping experience, almost zero experience at all, even with surfing,
and they can really end up with really beautiful
boards at the end of the time. It’s really not an extremely
extravagant process. It’s pretty down and dirty, but you can end up with a really nice product
at the end of the line. [ Music ]>>My name is Nicholas Laurita. And today I am shaping a
surfboard in the Craft Center. I have never surfed before, but I really
enjoy building things and making projects. I figure this would be something cool
to work on and then kind of be able to allow me to learn to surf a lot more. I definitely found some good skills of kind
of how methodically you have to be with it and how well you have to plan everything out to
kind of get that board exactly how you want it.>>One of my good friend’s dad is
a local shaper, Steve Meisinger. And I went down to Mexico with him. It was just inspiring to hear him talk about
shaping boards, so I wanted to make my own. I’m from the area, and so all of
my friends from here that don’t go to Cal Poly were really jealous
that I get to take the class. It’s nice to be able to come in
here after a three-hour o-chem lab and just do something creative when
we’re always doing school stuff.

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