Crayzar | Ballmastrz: 9009 | Adult Swim

Look, I know I messed up! I’ll get my shit together
if you put me back in The Game! Oh, I’m putting you
back in, but you’re going to have
to earn it. Always with the drama! You created The Game — you can do
whatever you want! Cut me some slack! And where’s the fun
in that? After thousands of years
as the Supreme Ruler, I’ve learned it can get dull
at times. I have to keep things
spicy. I’m sure you can relate. Sure, I could just
snap my fingers and fix a lot of things, but that isn’t
why I created The Game. I created The Game
to save humanity from itself, by inspiring people to rise
to their full potential! And I’ve got
a front-row seat. Hey, get a load
of these skid marks! Whueeew! Disgusting! You need to learn how
to wipe yourself properly! Come on, guys!
Give ’em back! If you can help this team
win just one game, I’ll think about putting you
back on your old team. Uuuuuuugh.
You got to be kidding me.

100 thoughts on “Crayzar | Ballmastrz: 9009 | Adult Swim”

  1. Isac i hate it when youtube gives me notification of others who replied to the same person i replied to. fuck you youtube. i delete my comments just to stop this retardation.

  2. I can't tell if Crayzar is leaning more towards good or evil, but that's why I love him. Hopefully we get an origin story.

  3. I am amazed how much I got into this show. It helps that I adored Superjail, and I find myself loving Crayzar the most out of any character in here. Why must I adore the crazy god-like omniscient ones?

  4. Something about Crayzar's design really strikes a chord with me. It's very creative and just kinda perfect for a character like that.

  5. I was super surprised by this show. It's a lot more subtle with it's humor than most [AS] show but the art style is fucking great.

  6. I love how they hint at 0:20 that Crayzar is some kind of omnipotent cyborg who is on some kind of life support system and that the body he presents to the public is not his true form but some kind of illusion or a drone/android/robot body that has his consciousness within.

  7. Geez, looks like the Lovechild of Goldust & Lady Gaga…. with the Mouth of Ken Kaneki's Guard.

    Also, Gotta love Gaz's sexy round beer belly…. 0w0

  8. Why is this guy such an incredible fucking character? I wanna keep watching just for him honestly.

  9. 0:23 So we're pretty sure Crayzar's always in his Ballmaster formation, right? He's just using its mutable abilities to change his appearance.

  10. I like the concept that basically a god (crayzar) saves us from war to watch us struggle for his amusement. I also like the ramshackle future setting

  11. Christy Karacas is the voice of Crayzar

    Christy is not only a voice actor but the co-writer of a lot of other Adult Swim shows such as Squidbillies, Robotomy and Superjail!

    He also has worked for MTV and Comedy Central during the development of Moonbeam City and Daria

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