Crowd Surfing For The First Time

Hey everybody! Welcome to another episode of Dog Vlog. We went to a concert – ♪live music playing♪ ♪crowd singing along♪ ♪drums playing♪ – where home daddy body surfed. Where home body… daddy surfed. I’m a home body, so I so I need to… surf my da- ♪ catchy intro music ♪ We went to an Issues concert – boy was it amazing! Very nice guys, very talented. I was backstage with Josh, and we were talking about you know comedy and music and how one of those is very, very clearly better. I won’t say, I will not say which one. I was like dude you can do so many craziness things with your hands, and he was like yeah yeah, you think this is a cool motion you should see me eat chicken sticks, like drumstick, chickens. I was like wow, so you’re the reason they created the bucket at KFC. (Drew laughing) Okay, well, I’m not saying this is a good vlog, I’m just, I’m trying. I was like: How long you’ve been playing drums? He was like, oh yeah since I was two. What!? I didn’t lose my umbilical cord ’til I was seven! What were you doing – backing tracks for Kermit? (laughs) How do you have the hand-eye coordination? I like I couldn’t get my bottle to my face like (laughs) (sounds of struggle) Couldn’t even focus on my mom’s teat, I was like god, god, god… So dodgy. My mom has dodgy dumpers. (laughs) So, so, so sorry Mom, and Josh, and women, and men, and… I’m sorry. He took a picture with me, there was like two feet between the top of my head and the bottom of his face. That’s keen that’s right on theme two feet. That’s- That’s double bass. Right? Drummer references. Anybody, any drummers out there? Josh you watching? I was back backstage. I was meeting everybody and a bunch of girls were standing very close to me, but definitely watching the band I think, but secretly they might have been sneaking looks at me. But probably out of like, why is he like… How did he get here? And when Issues was on onstage people were surfing the f**k out of the crowd. Like you know when Beyonce’s like “surfboard”? She’s referring to when she was an audience member at Issues. Everyone was surfing. There was no one in the crowd to hold any (laughs) Everybody was just levitating. I was like, I wanna do this. I’m gonna do this- I’m gonna crowd surf better than drummers that since they were two, play drums. And so I went around into the bitch pit. I think that title’s impending but into the bitch pit where everybody’s throwing – They’re thrashing! People are punching and thrashing and kicking your penis. I think that’s what moshing is, I don’t know, this could be a ska thing. I don’t know. (laughs) I didn’t know that – when security grabbed you they placed you in the front where you’re just supposed to go back around into the concert. I never saw that part. I’ve only watched MTV a few times and on there I’ve seen people crowd surfing, and then I see security like grabbing them, and I’m like oh ho ho They’re in trouble now. (laughs) And then I thought security just like put them in a lane where they had to go into a back room where other security guards tied them up and
torture them. You don’t – you never go on top of people! What do you have, some superiority complex? So when I started to grab there, I was like, “no the other way, the other way!” I asked this guy, I stopped him as a hey man. I want to crowd surf, can you help me? He was like hell yeah! Come on, come on! And then I followed him into the crowd, and he introduced me to his friends who were who were very nice, very sweaty, but very very nice. I was like, hey I would love to crowd surf if I can I get like a number, to just wait and wait in line – ? I did not belong at that at that at this concert as you can see from my pants. They were like, yeah sure man, and they just- They just picked me up it was like- I didn’t I didn’t finish asking before they- And I, I crowd surfed, it was insane It made me feel so light they’re like You’re nothing. Oh my god. I just I just I just crowd surfed. I just crowd surfed What a feeling everybody just like- pushing you like, pushing you, propelling you forward. Like support from your parents. You know when you’re like, “yeah mom, dad I’m gonna do comedy” and then they throw you down on the on the ground and stomp on your dreams. Very cool concert I absolutely loved meeting Josh. Thank you so much for the backstage tickets and the awesome concert! Holy cow they were were incredible! A lot of people were like hey Drew, where’s Stella? Where is she? And I was like, listen guys. I am not about to take my dog into a mosh pit The only pit I’m taking her to see is one maybe like a like a very friendly pit bull like this one *pssht*. That’s a posh pit. That’s a – I want people to crowd surf at my shows! I can say a thing like, and that’s when I returned the coupons And everybody’s like- If I tried to crowd surf at one of my shows, people would just lower me into a grave. So that’s been our show. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure you guys subscribe to this YouTube channel *pssht* Also check out my tour schedule where you guys can come crowd surf Or just or sit like you’re very polite civilized like human beings here *pssht* And if you guys like crazy characters feel free to follow us on Snapchat where you can see something like this *whpsst* All right, that’s been our show! ♩ outro whistling ♩

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  1. Issues is amazing, one of my top faves for years, so happy seeing their success and growth! Such talented dudes!

  2. Hey Drew I just found ur channel and I noticed u stutter well,suprise my brother stutters too he's 28 rn I think ur really funny and since my family has so many disabilitys like ADHD ,personality disorders,stuttering,etc. I hope u have a wonderful day and whenever ur having a bad one u can always look at my comment or someone else's to make u feel better trust me I know what ur going through but anyways goodbye ❀️~a new fan

  3. Normally I πŸ‘your vlogs but you were rude, crude and disrespectful to your mom and women in general. For that you het πŸ‘Ž

  4. I've been binge watching his videos for about two days now, but I just can't help it. Drew makes my heart happy. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

  5. You are truly amazing. Glad to see you left Stella home, because I don't think that'd be a great environment for her (ever the wonderful loving Dad!!) Keep it up, Drew. You give out an abundance of happiness to all you touch, and hope to all with disabilities that they too can *live their dreams*. You're the best!!

  6. I took my service dog to see… Avenged Sevenfold, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Jimmy Eat World… and Hanson. lol

  7. Hey drew lynch I'm marabeth lol i just wanted to tell you it's called a mosh pit its where people can go and fight and wrestle but its usually dangerous to crowd surf there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I have crowd surfed over 10 times but almost broke my arm twice in a mosh pit

  8. hey drew, can you make a response to logan paul making a fake certificate making his dog into a β€˜service’ dog so he could take him on a plane? i get annoyed watching it and don’t even need a service dog, i’d love to see your response. no one seems to care, from what i’ve seen, but i’d want to see your logic behind your response too

  9. Hi, on 2015 you was on America's got talent and you said that your girlfriend took 3 jobs to surport you?what has happened to her you still with her? And did you have your dog then as you didn't bring her on stage with you?? This is the second time of asking you this question??.

  10. I crowd surfed one time! it was at 2016 Warped Tour during Bless the Fall and I was basically thrown into like 2 people and ended up taking down this poor girl it was basically like I body slammed this poor chick. I got over the fence though and high fived the singer. lol good times.

  11. Hey Drew,
    It's NaNa πŸ‘΅ . How's it going? . It's impossible to crowd surf in a wheelchair . Jjjust take my wword for it .sorry ,gravel road.Stopped by for my laugh .Kiss Stella for me . Til………. Chicago NaNa πŸ‘΅πŸ’ž Smile

  12. Just found out you're coming to my university tomorrow! I have 5 exams within the next 7 days and should study tomorrow… but I'm going to your show anyways #priorities

  13. Hey drew I have i tiny dog that had a shirt that said β€œ where are my balls” and he is a boy so I think he lost his balls and he is a wimp so… win win?

  14. You're Performing At My College tomorrow!!!! Im so excited to see you tomorrow in person!!! I just found out today!! I really want to meet you in person. You're so awsome!! Can't wait for your show tomorrow!!!

  15. Moshing is slam dancing. But the trendies took it and call dance floors "Mosh Pits". There was a time when you were risking personal safety by going into the pit.

  16. Drew, I found you and Stella, and fell in love. I don't usually comment, but I think you are AMAZING. Stella is the shit ! I love your perspective &humor! As a special needs mother, I love that you are educating people worldwide, about what it's like to live with disabilities AND TO HAVE A BADASS SERVICE PUP β™‘ thank you for being your AWESOME self Drewβ™‘

  17. "And thats when I returned the coupons" ..Is that part of the Whole Foods joke you couldn't do in Syracuse the other night because we're all part of the Wegman's cult?

  18. MAN I LOVE THIS! I'm a visually impared guy from The Netherlands (The Hague) And i have a guide dog. I love how ytou look at life just like i do. You really make me laugh and how you dont care about youre disability to not restrict you 9ijn aney way!

  19. I am genuinely curious and my next question is not meant to be rude. Is stella a service dog because you stutter, or is your stutter a sympton of a some other issue and thats why you need a service dog. OR does your stutter not even have anything to do with you service dog?

  20. I wish you'd come to my small city in North Dakota but that's about as likely to happen as me being married and having kids by my 10 year high school reunion.


  22. I just started to watch your videos but I already love it so much. I'm basically binge watching all your videos. Love you so much!! You're amazing! πŸ’•πŸ’• (not here for Stella, even though she's amazing too, I'm here because of you)

  23. Hey Drew! You truly inspire me man! I've watched a couple of your America's Got Talent clips and I cried a little (a lot) during it and you doing stand-up comedy with that stutter is really inspiring so I'm definitely sharing your channel and those videos so others can feel what I have felt. Thanks man you've really changed my life.

  24. Since I know dog vlog attracts a lot of dog lovers, I figured I would ask you all to keep my best friend in your prayers. She is 10 and a German short haired pointer. She is one of the most important members of my family to me and my mom. We just found out she has cancer and doesn't have long to live πŸ™ Hug your pups while you have them because their lives are much more fragile than our own. ❀️

  25. Omg when i saw issues in the thumbnail i was like oh there's a band called that and when he said it was the band i was like 😍😍. Drew your coolness just went up like 5 levels haha

  26. How did you reach the end of your teens without having done a crowd surf?! Didnt reel big fish or blink 182 or whoever come your town?

  27. If you don't take Stella to the concert, you can miss an alert or whatever she helps you with and you can die wtf dude!

  28. I wonder what would happen if Stella tried to crowd surf. Probably not a good idea. I'm sure she would love the attention.

  29. Wow only 18 people disliked this that’s amazing normally when I watch vids it’s like 300 well done

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