Cuba Skateboard Documentary

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that forget about videos so I basically start because I saw people skating history and those guys weren’t my main inspiration and they said we we skate and we try to make our own tricks we don’t even know the names of the real tricks we do so we put like Cuban names so to the tricks it was really fun naive in certain kind of wave because we are just kids you know but it’s a bunch of necessities you know issues and we didn’t have anything really but we still skate and have fun with your friends that skateboarding all about see no 2 vs Abaddon and oh no sería yo no se amigas Aviano de revision ocn dokey Kosovo kara mental own ego paternal sino tuviera body na mono cigar iya esta media mean hombre llave al e tango yeseo qu a nose po d no voce – Gnomeo even OCS americium Rafael el pati non pasaba Deena pour le mi kamusta hora tormentor no Drago Samaha body man LA studio Nina so lamentable Valley nando conocí Mucha gente que Samba bueno persona he i know heimeau entrance otro acid acute emo yes a barrow momentum oh Santa yen Eddie facility a cosa for Cancun Micah shop tenemos que para la reina gue no intern head over western Ohio need rent our last OC no compress it again but okay that might as a physical site Alice few body there is no way to buy scam or there is no one single skateboard shop in Cuba so if you break your board you’re done SME medina de Lomo a um Papa Rhoda porno Dante Ling or a holiday II don’t feel at all well sit through all its see getting but esos n erin piace teddy asana rompió no tengo nada para nada night alla night en de Cinco I saw em we m-pesa SLO Haddad poll poll ova ova DN table okay no Denny again Kelo hiciera Diego Mufi aprendiendo Dupuis comida un caso de la televisión Y low-pass ellebra a yasiel prat agonda to mio trabajando lo Dilisio a Brenda Makaha ha hecho tiempo de Campo sin la guy ento so Brendan docos a new era como vas a Toma como el idea came I mean our senosi Banco socia a bar associate a creo Ebola epidemic to Romeo in ii-era see and o yogi see hacer de todas in entienda sir Peleg Allah Cotto mentally is LUN when realizable entiendes terminal siendo an important tenet a by 10 ago momento de manaaki era Senegal por ahora knows simple metas safe Amanda yes to be on delay endo so Bramante’s o revision sobre goats or a director a cine famoso Yoshio me siento Libre siento siento algo que no siento and otra cosa no se como como and over a yo to an un tiempo en cara de on sin ti Sandow Devon Doha Dionne dobut a nose ENT association tienes que he visto una voz Oliveira we don’t have a shop we don’t have shoes and we don’t have anything so you’re going through a lot of shit to get all the stuff you need to choose three people who don’t even care maybe do it for a couple months and it quick and that’s fine that’s perfect for me works so the people who are really doing it is because they love it and I want to keep doing it no one could be Pro that’s no bad thing because you skate because you want to do it you don’t go inspect to make a lot of money with skateboarding because no one makes money Auto skateboarding in Cuba que bien sûr Stanfill doodle see and professional skater but in our profession a lot most areas a time to do not sell to the Almonte area – yeah pattern on a device alternator auto by Italian oh say can a lotta honey I compile yet again I Peduto Cuba is going through a lot of our changes right now and it’s a difficult place to live but it seriously country this is where you born this is where you gotta be most of the to find a solution is looking outside you know like leaf fever for good and going to lived in the US and stuff of that but anyway they said peace of this hole that I’m missing right there I wish the best for any if you won any part of the wall because you at the end with all Cubans we got to stick together and for politicians men they’re all Buster’s you steel is real skateboarding maybe we don’t do the latest tricks but the passion of people about doing it all the shed and troubles are going through together born to do what it do it’s like the best thing ever man skateboarding is freedom to do whatever to skate whatever and to be creative if you can is the freedom to do whatever you want when you want it any country will know what to do that you

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