Custom Tattoo Designs 4’10” Surfboard

This is a 4’10” board that I’m working on for
Custom Tattoo Designs up in Canada. Lots of cool wood in this one. Most of the
deck is made from fiddleback redwood that came from a local piece of property
and a stringer made of Honduras mahogany, Indian rosewood, and spruce from Santa
Cruz Guitar company. The tail block is doug fir from the Western flyer which is
the boat Steinbeck took through the Sea of Cortez. A little inlay of donkey shell veneer
which I believe is a type of abalone. The rails are cork as with all of my boards. Bottom deck is plain cedar.The reason behind that is they’re actually going to
do a custom design that’s going to get laminated on the bottom, so we wanted a
nice wood background.

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