Cut, Trim And Split Video In Windows Movie Maker

Hi and welcome to our movie maker tutorial,
today we will learn how to trim, how to cut, and the how to split a video in the movie
maker of course. Okay, I prepared for you some video of surfers. This one video is a surfer man walking on
the beach, and after him comes the woman and she put down the surfing board down there. So, just double-click on the video you imported
okay? And now we have our controls over here, we
will just cover in this tutorial this controls over here. So let’s just start with a simple one, for
example, you just want to set the endpoint for example for your video. So we just want to add end point in time when
our surfer man leaves, leaves the scene, so we just want this one to be, only this one
to be our video, so, you just you just adjust your slider over here and the click set endpoint,
and it will cut all, all the excess video on the right side. So, just click the set the endpoint and we
now have video only of our surfer moving on the beach. This is the end point. What if you want to set a start point to be
when the woman enters the scene it will be something over here and we want this to be
our start point. So, just set start point just like endpoint,
and you will cut all the, all the previous video. Just set start point and this is the easiest
way to cut the ends and the starts of the video, so you have the video only of a woman
moving on the beach only this one. It’s a pretty simple, now we will use the
trim tool, trim tool is used to cut the specific part of the video, or to hide, as you can
see in the tooltip, to hide any unwanted parts, so, we just click, just click the trim tool,
and you will be, you will have open this bar, and this little knob, okay? And you just use this one to set what do you
want to keep and it will cut all, all the rest off the video. So, let’s check it out. We just want, we just want to cut the exit
of a man and entering of the woman. So, you just set these so entering of a man
and entering of the woman. And you just save, click save and close, and
you will just now have these video you just trimmed. So we just trim all the around, okay I will
just undo and the do it one more time so you can understand the trim tool will cut everything
over here or everything over here. So, it will cut this one part and these part. Okay? It’s a super easy one. Just double-click it if you lost it, and now
we will cover the split tool, it’s a very very simple tool so we just want to split
for example when a man walks away, and the woman walks in, and we just hit split and
it will split our video in a half. So, we can move this other video in front
of the first video, just click and drag and now release the mouse button and you will
have this video in reverse order. For example, first woman enters the video
and then the guy enters the video, the scene. And that’s it from the clip manipulating in
the movie maker tool I’m using a Windows LIVE movie maker. So this is it. Thanks for watching, please subscribe and
see you next time bye-bye.

48 thoughts on “Cut, Trim And Split Video In Windows Movie Maker”

  1. i am wanting to make a edit video so bad but i am just not very good at learning thing unless someone teaches me in person….. but i dont know anyone who knows how to edit videos 🙁 so i am trying to learn over videos lol.. but pretty much is the trim tool just like the set start and set end tools? except with the set start and end you get to choose where the start and end are?

  2. say if i have a video.. and like i am talking and then i stop talking and then like 10 seconds later talk again…. how do i cut out that middle section of video? because i seem to only find videos showing how to cut the start and end or shorten the start or end… but nothing to like actually chop a part out of the middle? or maybe i am just seeing this wrong and i need to probably follow one of those steps in order to chop a section out but i am not quite sure how if you could please help? 🙂 thank you very much though for the video i did learn some new things from it

  3. Please tell me this. I have a long video that i want to save in 4 parts. If i use the "set end point" as you describe and save, what happens the rest of the video? Where does it go? I want to keep the original video and put the 4 new parts as "save as".

  4. thats it?
    but thats…useless….
    so what program do i use to be able to select "what to cut out"
    i mean this is, you select what you want to keep and everyhing else gets deleted…thats useless.

  5. avs freemake video converter is much easy compare to this just 2click and you are done here is too complicated just to cut videos omg for me its just dont letting me cut for some reason when i selecting end points its deleting whole video instead of part that i want ? And just part that i want to delete its staying there btw

  6. How can i cut something from the center of the video? Like if i play minecraft but there is boring part where i jut mine about 3 minutes, how can i cut that part out?

  7. Thank you for explaining this. Of course I've been doing it backwards; keeping what I didn't want and trimming off what I needed. lol

  8. that doesn't explain how to trim internal parts of the video out. like when i pause talking and i want to remove pauses.

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  10. To remove a section from the middle of a video you move the selector bar to the point where you want to start the cut. Click Split. Then move the selector bar to the point where you want to stop the cut. Click Split. Click on the section of the video clip in between the two split marks. the clip will turn blue. hit delete. the clip is now gone and the remaining video merges together to form one video. viola!

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