Cute Surfing Dogs!

Jessica Gerke, I am the PR manager for Helen Woodward
Animal Center, and this is our seventh annual Surf
Dog Surfathon. This is kind of the original
surf dog event. We have thousands of people
out here, tons of dogs surfing, so many
animal lovers. It’s really incredible to see
how much we can bond with our animals in all sorts of ways
that we never knew we could. ANDRA LEW: Good girl. That’s my princess. Her name is Kalani. It means heavenly
one in Hawaiian. She’s four and a half years old,
and she’s been surfing since she was five months. I don’t know if you’ve seen her
antics out there, but she seems to get turned around. She’s very playful. Her tail is always wagging
back and forth. -Good job, girlfriend. ANDRA LEW: She does a lot of
different active sports. She’s a real agile dog. -Kalani! Oh, girlfriend! Oh, yay, Kalani! MICHAEL UY: Come. Come, come. Oh, good girl. I’m Michael Uy, and this is
Abby, the surfing dog. She’s a two time Guinness World
Record holder, and she’s an Australian Kelpie. She was a rescue dog. She’s six now. She’s been surfing for about
5 and 1/2 years. We got her as a pup, and she was
a sheltered dog, so we had to rehabilitate her,
and we took her out to the water a lot. She just picked up the surfing
thing on her own. She is the best dog
partner ever. We’ve done surfing together,
paragliding, we’ve go mountain biking. Climbs trees with me. We go hiking. She does everything. So she’s just a great outdoor,
adventure loving dog. We try to have fun. Abby’s favorite thing
to eat is rabbits. She’s probably like,
why did I get stuck with this crazy human? [MUSIC PLAYING] -Good boy, [INAUDIBLE].

100 thoughts on “Cute Surfing Dogs!”

  1. Its sad that these dogs are better at surfing then i am.
    Or at least i think they are since i have never surfed in my life.

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  3. Pretty much, yes.

    And its not that simple, but an area called the amygdala in the limbic system of our brains controls arousal, fear, and aggression, so those 3 instinctual cues are inherently linked.

  4. Is this a joke? If so then it is really fucking hilarious.. but if it was serious then I laughed for no reason and instead I think I should feel a bit scared.

  5. Its more shameful, and theres little help out there for guys. Women victims of rape have all the support of society, while guys are just told to "toughen up". And I never said that, I was pointing out the reasons why rape against men isn't as prevalent.
    And I know why: because you sound like the biggoted, man-hating feminist that you are. Men aren't hardwired to rape at all, proven by the billions that DONT rape, compared to the miniscule amount that do.

  6. None of the dogs seems like theyre "surfing" video should be re-titled, dogs standing on surf boards on water

  7. It's not like they're completely abandoning journalism for cute animal videos. Both can coexist you know.

  8. i know, i know.. should have written "some", i rememberd it was 6..
    and yes i agree, coverage is pretty bad.. -.-

  9. Hey, its nice seein people smile. People do silly stuff.. Like jump in freezing water, and jump outta planes amd off skyscrapers and cliffs… People love their pets. Lol. I dont have a dog amd I think this is silly, but its better seein people happy then sad… And as for cruelty to the animals, dogs are pack animals. They like water. And love their silly masters. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Whats up with bulldogs skating and now surfing i ned me to get one probably make him walk like a human you never know hahah

  11. :DDD And you thought you were exagerating…. do a search for "dog drives car" on google, and check the first hit. AAAAAAAAA

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  13. whats wrong with this? I see no excessive waste like e.g. "epic meal time"…
    I wrote the same comment under a video of them and it got only thumbs down…

  14. I'm not saying all men are going to go out and rape people, but it would just be plain stupid not to recognize the evolutionary function and reality of rape…

    Testosterone is a single male hormone that drives both aggression and sexual libido… I don't understand how anyone can say that isn't true…

    And are the billions of people who don't murder each year proof that humans won't murder each other? I don't think so… They just haven't run into enough desperation to justify it yet.

  15. But, because of what you are saying, you would then have to say that men are also prone to murder people, because of your theory. And also women are prone to take advantage of men and be selfish assholes.

  16. First comment I noticed when looking at a video about "Cute Surfing Dogs" was "I'm not saying all men are going to go out and rape people…"

  17. Men do murder much more than women do…

    And women do make less than men, so there are bound to be a lot of women surviving on a male's salary, but I don't know if I'd go so far as to say they're prone to "taking advantage of men" any more than any person is prone to take advantage of another person. We're just programmed to get ahead.

  18. Aaaaand we see how one sided your mentality is. You have no problem pointing out that you think men are murderers, but you spend a paragraph defending women, while having spent no time defending men at all.
    Also, the statement was "men are prone to murder" in reference to you saying that men are prone to rape, not "men murder more than women".

  19. Humans are prone to murder. Men are more prone to it than women.

    And the reason I talked longer about the female side is that murder statistics are concrete, whereas a claim of "taking advantage" and "being assholes" aren't really things that can be proven as easily… I'm done talking about this issue on a video about surfing dogs. :/

  20. or you could blame society for making men more likely to commit murder seeing as boys are influenced to be more aggressive than girls, and also you can't compare rape statistics when it is extremely hard for a woman to rape a man compared to how easy it is for a man to rape a woman, therefore before you even consider men's biology it is obvious there are more man on woman rape cases than the other.

  21. theyre happy,but i bet that salt water bath is not good for dog kidneys and urine system…just imagine how much water they take while swimming…

  22. as a 27 year old male who has been raped by women on several occasions, i gotta say it wasnt that bad, i actually look forward to my next attacker lol

  23. They could cut off this stupid event, and send the money to Africa. I feel sick every time I see people treating their dogs as humans, when there are people in other parts of the world that live like dogs.

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