Dating in Disguise Game Show – Surfboard and Skater Blair – Ep.2

(Text on Screen): Dating in Disguise Jonny Loquasto: Welcome, everyone, to Dating in Disguise: Because sometimes love is just a matter of luck. I’m Jonny Loquasto. Here at Dating in Disguise, we take dreadful date possibilities, and the phrase “bad date,” to a whole new disaster-dating level. Now, our dater’s gonna have a choice between three dates: an actual person, two zonker dates, or taking the cash prize of a thousand dollars. Now with that said, it’s now time to meet our three contestants for the evening. First off, we have a half-eating container of cheese balls from the movie night I had at my apartment last night. (It’s a duplex.) Cheese balls, how are you tonight? Cheese ball woman: I’m great, Jon. How are you? Jonny Loquasto: Excellent. Are you excited to be here. Cheese ball woman: So excited. Jonny Loquasto: Oh, you sure sound like you are. Up next, we have a lovely lady. She is a pilates instructor, actress, and part-time massage therapist from Manhattan: the lovely Sophia. Sophia, how are you tonight? Sophia: Hello! I’m doing great. How are you doing? Jonny Loquasto: Well, I’m great. The question is, are you ready to possibly meet your mate? Sophia: The answer is yes. I am super-excited. Jonny Loquasto: All right. Outstanding. And now our third contestant is the life of every party. We picked it up at a garage sale last week. It is a pinata. Miss Pinata, what’s up? Pinata woman: I’m feeling good. Jonny Loquasto: Excellent. All right. Well, we now have the three contestants. Our dater is gonna have no clue what’s coming at him. So, with that said, let’s bring him out. He is from Atlanta. He loves surfing, he loves skateboarding, and he’s also a sales rep for a clothing line. Please give it up for Blair, everybody. Welcome to the show. Blair: What’s up; what’s up? Jonny Loquasto: How are you, sir? Looking good, man. Blair: Thank you, thank you. Jonny Loquasto: All right. Yeah. Blair: I’m excited. I’m pumped. I think this is it. Jonny Loquasto: There are three eligible contestants on the other side of this curtain. It’s now time for you to ask question number one. Blair: Contestant number two: It’s our third year together as a couple, and we’re pretty serious about Valentine’s Day. But do you still do something big for me? Sophia: Of course. Of course. Of course. I love you already. I mean, if we’re together for that long, I mean, all I would do is just shower you with rose petals and kisses. Blair: That’s; I love rose petals. Jonny Loquasto: Pretty intense, contestant number two. Sophia: And a little pilates, I’m sorry. Yeah. Gotta get that in. Blair: Contestant number three: You’ve forgotten to bring me a gift for our Valentine’s Day date. Ooh. You realize this after ringing the doorbell. What do you do? Pinata woman: Well, I would probably reach down into my pocketful of candy, because I always have candy inside me, and I reach down and I’ll pull out a couple of chocolates just for you. You like chocolate? Blair: Yeah, I love chocolate. Pinata woman: Yay! Blair: Very sweet. Contestant number two: I’m not much for going out. I like home-cooked meals. You’re a pilates instructor. What kind of meal would you make for me? Sophia: Very healthy. It keeps your abs very flat. But the thing is, I love to cook with olive oil, and love. Jonny Loquasto: Sounds like the kind of girl you might want to bring home to mom. Blair: I know. Absolutely. Contestant number three: You realize I’m not quote-unquote “the one for you” the day before Valentine’s Day. Do you break up with me, or do you stick it out until after the holiday? Pinata woman: Well, I guess the question is, do I go to another party with you or; I stick it out? Is that what you’re saying? Because, you know, I tend to be, like, the center of attention, and, you know, if I can’t be the center of attention, then this is not gonna work. It just isn’t. Sophia: I just want to hit you with a bat. Jonny Loquasto: Uh, oh, wow, contestants. Please calm down. Lay off the friskiness right now. Sophia: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Jonny Loquasto: All right. Well, Blair, we have time for one more question. Choose the question and ask the contestant. Blair: All right, this one’s back to contestant number one: I don’t think you’d do this, but by the chance that you would forget to bring me a gift on Valentine’s Day and you’ve already rang the doorbell, what do you do? Cheese ball woman: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I think that Valentine’s Day is really more about you and I than, you know, about gifts, and I really just; I hope that you’d forgive me. I’d tell you the honest truth. And I’d hope that you’d just be happy with the wonderful evening we’d have together. Jonny Loquasto: I think that might be an angel over there. Blair: Right. Jonny Loquasto: All right. With that said, the three contestants have given their answers. Blair, it’s now time for you to choose which contestant will be your ultimate date. Blair: Two. Jonny Loquasto: Wow. That was quick. Right away, two. All right. Well, before you meet contestant number two, let’s find out who you do not get to go on a date with. We have the half-eaten container of cheese balls. Sorry that you missed out on the date. But, it will come in handy for you. He is also not going on a date with the pinata. A party at any occasion. Just pet the pinata. It feels good. You look fantastic together. Such a great couple. All right, Blair, it’s now time for you to meet Sophia. From Manhattan . . . Sophia: Oh, my God! Jonny Loquasto: She is a pilates instructor and actress and a masseuse. Clearly, we have a physical connection here. I love it. All right guys, well, you never know what’s going to happen on Dating in Disguise. Like we always say, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, because sometimes love is just a matter of luck. We will see you next time. (Text on screen): in Valentine’s Day Partnership with Sex, Lies & Dating in the City, Simone Grant A LLC & Bad Date TV Production. Copyright 2011 “Because sometimes love is just a matter of luck.”

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