Defending Boating While Intoxicated charges

In north Texas we’re landlocked. There’s not a lot of oceans around here
obviously, but we do have two large lakes; Lake Texoma and Lake Louisville. Lake Louisville has the untasteful name of
lake death. But one of the reasons it’s called that
is because of the large amount of alcohol use on that lake while boating. Now, boating while intoxicated is considered
to be a public safety issue, so the legislature has carved out a little special exception
to allow them to get on your boat. How do they do that? Well it’s called the game warden. He’s going to roll up right next to you
and he’s going to say to you “I need to conduct a safety check”. He is entitled under Texas law without probable
cause to get onto your boat if he sees any safety violations, or what he considers to
be poaching a fish. If he gets on there, then he can say “would
you like to come back in to dock with me?” And conveniently there will be waiting a police
officer to conduct a field sobriety test on you If you find yourself charged in any of those
communities, be sure to call our office. Our office has over 16 years of experience
in handling these local communities. We know the special circumstances with the
prosecutor and the court, and specifically how to defend a BWI.

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