Discover Scuba Diving in Malapascua Island Cebu Vlog #7(GoPro Hero 4 Silver)

Say hi! Hi! Good Morning! Hello! Come on let’s go! You’ll just drag me. Hey G! Yeah!? When you’re ready, we can start to go down the rope. Okay! This one? Keep holding to it and while we go down just equalize while going down Did you guys learn how to equalize yesterday? Yeah, I just do like the yawning thing. Yeah, that’s what I exactly I do. Yeah. Yawning. So, if you have like feel pressure and you’ll not able to. Yeah. That’s really normal in the beginning. Uhuh Just stop and go up a little bit. The pressure should go away. And then slowly try to go down again. Okay. That’s why the rope helps make it easy really control how fast you go down. Are you with Emma? No. Tisoy? Oh, okay. Tisoy! Are we gonna go down? together? Oh yeah! Yeah? Diving package So, we have a package for diving virgins. So, if you’ve never tried diving before you can come to Divelink and take the package. So, what comes to the package is Two (2) nights stay for one (1) bed at the Thresher Shack upstairs. So, that’s 2 nights. and 1 DSD course, and 2 fun dives. So, that’s a package for over 7,000 pesos but you can get it for 5,000 pesos So again, that’s Barely Wet Weekend package. 2 nights stay at the Thresher Shack and 1 DSD and 2 fun dives. It’s a lot of fun! Come here for the weekend. Take a leave, get a long weekend and discover Does it include certifications? It includes a certificate for completing the DSD But you can use that to continue for full certification Where can they book? Or how to contact you? and where to pay? Okay So, we have this. Let me show you. But I’m still going to put the details below this post or video. and you help us, you book with us, you’re actually helping the conservation because Divelink is well partnered with conservation projects on the island So, support us, support the island, support the neighborhood It’s all good. See yah! How was your experience? Awesome! I want to come back again. Do it again. And not be scared. But you’ve conquered it I’ve conquered my fear. Emilia, can you invite everyone to come here. Please come back to Malapascua and dive with us us! This is a video Yeah I’m like Like I’m not sure if this is a video or a photo? This is a beautiful place It’s a little dark today, but What are you doing? Thank you for diving with us Yeah! Thank you! Keep on rocking! And remember, what was your favorite fish today? Ahhh… I’ll say the clown fish but, I love the trumpet fish The trumpet fish was cool I’m like say the right answer Alright, good. Babye! Thank you for coming! Thanks both for coming out! it was really good

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