DJI Mavic Mini – It’s Easy

Hey guys, I’m back again with another great video about the top 20 things you need to know when flying a drone for the first time… DON’T WORRY IT’S EASY WITH MAVIC MINI AND DJI FLY

87 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Mini – It’s Easy”

  1. I like the Mavic Mini the Most🤩
    It is compact,
    has great Specifications
    and is cheapy
    Like if you want to have a Mavic Mini, or if you already have a Mavic Mini💪🏻

  2. ভাই এমন একটা ব্যবস্তা করে দেন যেন official price a বাংলাদেশ থেকে কিনতে পারি 😫😫😫

  3. Hey DJI can you please send me one drone for free cuz I can't afford one. please.

    Okay I get it you guys need to get more money and I'll probably never get a drone.

  4. Yes, don't worry about informing yourself about all those silly things like regulations or laws. In fact, don't even think about how to control the drone, or what happens if it loses connection because you flew it behind a tower without realising the signal would drop out. Nope, just start it up, fly it and don't trouble yourself with trivial concerns about whether it leads to even more regulations because you had no idea what you are doing. What ridiculous advertising.

  5. First I was told 1st to 2nd wk in Nov. Now Im being told Dec…. lol crazy – Drone is my FUTURE, sometime in the future (not exactly sure when that may be) hopefully i get the price drop too…

  6. How I can prevent the RC to charge my phone (Samsung A70) when I connect to it? My phone usually has enough power I would prefer to keep my RC charged.

  7. Fantastic drone but why cut the weight so close to 250?? There are variations of up to half a gram or more per 100 grams based on where the relative measurements are taken. Latitude, altitude and (to a lesser extent) geologic density etc affect weight. Therefore the drone could weigh greater than 250 grams at higher latitudes (re: NH) and at sea level.

  8. терят связь на дальности 40 метров не знаю почему а в высоту взелал максимум 100 метров это не дело а написано 2-4км надльность и 500м высота на что я потратил 50.000? mavic mini combo по пред заказу…

  9. Just pray that no incident happens, otherwise DJI doesn't give a dime about customers. They will blame pilot for everything.

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