Dogs take to surf boards in competition in California

Four legged dudes and dudettes. A crowd of
surfing enthusiasts entered their pets into a one-of-a-kind surfing competition in California.
Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds jumped on boards – to see who could ride the waves
the most effectively. First prize for large dogs went to Hanzo of Hollywood. He is the current defending champion. Last
year he won all three competitions of the tandem heat, and this year he won the large
dog heat and also the tandem heat, first place. He loves what he does, and people really see
that he really love to surf. Owners were keen to stress that the dogs were
really enjoying what they were doing. It’s hard to say it’s cruel. Some dogs may
like it, some may not. The key is knowing what your dog likes. It’s a great bonding
experience, and if she didn’t like it she wouldn’t be out here putting up with it, she’d
run away, she would hide, she’d stray away. Hundreds watched the event on Imperial Beach
– with some owners some owners even dressing up their pets up like characters such as the

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