Don’t Swim in this Water | Lake Hilliler Australia

Located on a small island off the southern
coast of Australia is a lake you might think twice about swimming in. On this episode we take a look at Lake Hillier
Australia. Measuring 2000 feet or 600 meters in length
by 820 feet or 250 meters wide this neon pink lake lives on Middle Island. Not being the only pink lake in Australia
there are pink lakes in the Cranbrook area as well. Usually pink lakes have a type of bacteria
in it and that’s it mystery solved but Lake Hillier’s bright pink color comes from multiple
sources. Surrounded by dense woodlands, a rim of sand,
the ocean and not being anywhere close to civilization the mystery of Lake Hillier wills
surprise you. To understand what was going on in the water
the Metagenics Research Group created the extreme microbiome project which set out to
investigate different places one of those being Lake Hillier. Researchers collected samples of sediment
and water from this lake which was used in a metagenomic analysis. This analysis looks at the dna in the samples
which can identify species that live in this salty lake. Their results showed a thriving community
of things living in the salty waters. Dunaliella salina a bacteria already identified
in Lake Retba a pink lake in Senegal was found, which if you were wondering has salinity levels
reaching 40% which is almost as much as the dead sea. Pigment compounds created by this algae enhance
its ability to absorb sunlight. Other life forms including salinibacter ruber
and species of archaea were also found in Lake Hillier which both give off pinkish red
color in nature as well. Other lakes around the world will contain
one or some of these bacteria like the Great Salt Lake in Utah from time to time, Lake
Natron in Tanzania or a pink lake at Kleinzee in South Africa. Now where this gets weird is Lake Hillier
contains a large amount of dechloromonas aromatica a bacteria that is good at breaking down chemicals
often used in the tanning industry. Now we aren’t talking about sunbathing but
leather and fabric tanning which is a very toxic environment for the workers who do this
work which the bulk of it today is done in India and China. The final piece to this puzzle is that in
the early 1900s Lake Hillier was used as a source of water for the tanning industry,
which has yielded vast amounts of these chemicals like Benzene and Toluene to be put in the
water. These chemicals are feeding the pink bacteria
along with the other lifeforms that yield a pink color to this lake. This lake was also investigated for salt production
in 1889 by Edwards Andrews and later became subject to commercial salt mining during the
late 19th century but they found the salt to be too toxic for human consumption. Not an easy place to visit, 6 flights per
day do fly over the lake which is the easiest and cheapest way to see it without chartering
a expedition. Have you seen a pink lake before, would you
swim in one share your thoughts. Why don’t you check out our video on the
Oldest Lake on Earth and until the next one have a good one.

20 thoughts on “Don’t Swim in this Water | Lake Hilliler Australia”

  1. At first I thought it was a watermelon..😄🍉
    Thanks for the awesome video and I will definitely not going to swim in there, no matter if I don't know how to swim.. Lol..💖

  2. I swam in a lake similar to this and my Johnson swelled to 130% its normal size… I don't know what caused it exactly but I'm very happy about it, as it seems to be permanent. So BE CAREFUL!!!!!

  3. Cool video. A few friends live I Australia or Sydney. They are all researchers/scientists trying solve these problems. They are apparently short on drinking water. So they are truing to fix that and the environment without doing more damage than good. I do not believe they will succeed despite seeing some of the amazing equipment they have developed for this. Interesting. Thank you :).

  4. The magnificent beauty of the world never ceases to amaze me each and every day I get to see and know something like this I didn't know about like pink lake Australia or the rainbow mountains of Iran. You couldn't possibly see and do it all in a lifetime even if you had continuous travel money without ever working. Thank you guys for doing all these incredibly interesting videos to pass time not able to be traveling.

  5. The lake is safe for humans guys…the reason why tourists don’t swim in it is because it is difficult to access lmao

  6. The lake is safe to swim in, you lying fuck. What? Do you think nobody else has wikipedia? You should be ashamed of yourself.

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